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Mac 11 SPF

Jim Dillon

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Mac M11

With many extras

Original Box, Unfired original upper, barrel extension,cleaning rod, strap and vertical grip

Steel Wire original stock, Manual.. Lower has Lage Hand grip and Extended Safety, in addition to a Lage AR stock adapter and buffer tube and up graded Stock, includes folding stock adapter

Paddle Mag release and 2-50 Rnd stick mags and 11 30-Rnd stick mags and many other spare parts, ie: buffers ect.


Lage Legend Steel 9mm upper with Lage 22lr Conversion with 

Barrel and bolt and charging handle and 4 22lr Mags


Lage Max 31K 9mm upper like new,test fired Includes

3 stick S mags and Practical Solutions PS/31 Z Mag Adapter to use regular M11 Z MagsWith this upper


4 72 round 9mm Drums and 2 carry pouchs $420.00

Note: Red Dots NOT included. 

All items are in excellent condition or like new!

The gun shoots great with all Lage uppers and the 22lr conversion

$16,000.00 for everything

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