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Czechoslovakia RPG 75 Anti Tank Weapon - reduced

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They come shipped like the one in the wrapper. The RPG-75 is a portable, disposable, single-shot anti-tank weapon, developed in the 1970s in Czechoslovakia. It fires a 68 mm grenade (the projectile is not a rocket) with an effective range of 300 meters and maximum range of 1000 meters. It resembles the American M72 LAW rocket launcher. This RPG is recommended to be used on light tanks and armoured track vehicles.. THIS ITEM IS NOT DEMILLED BUT SOLD AS IS, $ 650.00 ea shipped to the lower 48 USPS PRIORITY MAIL W/TRACKING. I ACCEPT GIFT FRIENDS & FAMILY PAYPAL NO COMMENTS, ZELLE NO COMMENTS, OR USPS MONEY ORDERS ONLY. Due to COVID-19 shipping & handling has been delayed up to 3 days. I send tracking numbers the same day the item ships. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE.  KNOW THE LAWS IN YOUR STATE..  Gallery Pics: https://imgbox.com/g/8nuztURA6C


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