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WTS: 30 cal. Lewis 1917 Navy Gun $16K OBO


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1917 US .30 cal Navy Lewis Gun  $16K 

This gun was amnesty registered in '68 by a local PD, then it was lent to a museum for many years.  While on display, the gun had a chunk of steel wedged into the chamber and the bolt was removed.

The barrel has been replaced and the gun is complete once more.  Internal condition is fantastic, the barrel and gas system had been cleaned and cosmolined prior to storage.  The exterior finish is a mix of the factory black paint, worn areas, and some rusted areas.  The gun looks like it was exposed to salt on the left side for some length of time.  It would be consistent with either sitting in sand, or being mounted on the port side of a small boat.  No idea on if these are the actual causes, but this is localized and is more than someone forgetting to turn on the goldenrod.

Included are some pictures.  I can provide more detailed ones as needed.  This gun comes with one .30 cal, 47 round drum/pan.

I have some additional parts which are available to the buyer at additional cost.  These are an aircraft front end and spade grip, a spare barrel and bolt, and a couple 97 round aircraft drums in .30 cal.

Feel free to contact me at 206-three hundred-2180, or spgtech at comcast dot net.

Thanks for looking!



SPG Technologies, Seattle


.30 Lewis 1.jpg

.30 Lewis 2.jpg

.30 Lewis 4.jpg

.30 Lewis 5.jpg

.30 Lewis 6.jpg

.30 Lewis 7.jpg

.30 Lewis 8.jpg

.30 Lewis 9.jpg

.30 Lewis 10.jpg

.30 Lewis 11.jpg

.30 Lewis 12.jpg

.30 Lewis 3.jpg

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