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WTT: FN FAL Para 50.63 and original FN scope


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All original and matching FN FAL Belgian 50.63 para, all matching, mint bore, original finish, exc. condition, with original FN topcover scope, German No.4 reticle with stadia lines. Have the original lens covers, removed so they don't get broken. I think only 1375 imported, not easy to find. Would consider separating the scope, have other top cover. Please, serious inquiries only. I'm advanced, have references, perfect epay feedback to 1997, perfect Gunbonker feedback, etc. I'm looking for the below, trade / trade plus $ only. These would be 80s collector quality, not current "excellent for being this old", matching, unmessed with. Will take any pics you want, but for serious interested parties who have provided pics of items of interest first. I'm tired of being run through the picture wringer by tire kickers, lookie loos, and graba$$. Legit parties know exactly what I mean and that's who I am interested in dealing with please. All state and federal rules apply, FFL  transfers only, only to states that may receive same. CROSS POSTED AT OUR K98k FORUM. Thank you!

Items of interest, matching, collector quality, 100% original, unmessed with, mint bores, no touch up blue, sanding, renumbering, import stamps, etc.: 

Sten Mk.II C&R, original finish, nice factory original, NFA rules apply.

Browning / FNH Mk.III military contract type with lanyard ring, NIB

K98ks; Enfield SMLE (WW2 and earlier); Soviet SSh.40 helmet (WW2 only, no jacked up postwar silliness, messed up stamps, etc.); MN. 91/30 1941 and 1942; MN M44 carbine 1943 or 1944 date, 95% or better; German named, FPN, and camo helmets; Czech Vz.24s, original and German modified; Maybe, maybe a Polytech Legend NIB, but that's way down on my list.

Thank you!

FNFAL 50 (1).JPG

FNFAL 50 (2).JPG

FNFAL 50 (3) edit.jpg

FNFAL 50 (4).jpg

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1 hour ago, Red Kennedy said:

Would you be interested in a crate of Russian 91/30 Nagant's from Widner's (a distributor in Tennessee back in the day)?

20 rifles with bayonets , ammo pouches and oil bottles. 


If they were all factory original, original finish, nice bores, nice shape, no reworks, maybe. If they are the standard shooter grade postwar redips and reshellacs with ground / crossed out original numbers and repopped to match new ones, then no, I no longer do shows and it would take far too much time and effort to sell them all. Thank you for the offer though.

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Is your FN with scope and mount still available? What Mfg./date code Mauser 98K's are you looking for? I will be consigning my WW2 collection to an upcoming auction, but need a 50.63. I also have G43's and mountain carbines (G33/40). All matching, NO IMPORT MARKS.



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