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Rare, hard to find (or to have built), transferable AK105 select fire machine gun in 5.45x39. Built by Mario at PoHF from a transferable full-stock Polytech AK and an extremely hard to find (unobtainium) Russian AK105 parts kit. This is a sweet shooting and very controllable MG in full auto. It is a modern AK weapon with a slow rate of automatic fire (low 500s). Workmanship is above reproach as the pictures indicate. Original host pics are included. A video is available upon request. Perfectly dependable and robust, this modern 100 series AK is a must have for any serious AK collector or shooter. Please email me at nfa@aznuge.com to purchase or for any questions.  This NFA machine gun is on a Form4 in Arizona. I will pay for the first transfer.  $200 shipping.  All funds up front.  Wire or ACH transfers only.



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