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WTS: Browning M1917 - Serial #6


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Available from the Robert G. Segel Collection is an extremely fine Browning M1917, bearing serial #6. The gun was previously housed in the Savage Arms Museum. Included is an extremely scarce unmodified M1917 tripod. $75k. 

Also available is a fully outfitted original M1 Machine Gun Cart. The purchase of this cart can be discussed with the buyer of the gun/tripod.

This is an NRA "Ten Best Arms" Award Winner, and comes with all the medals and certificates associated with it. 

All three of these items have been written about extensively by Mr. Segel and the works published in multiple magazines both domestically and internationally, and online. They have also been featured in several reference books, including his own, so I will refrain from making any attempt here to compete with all the information available to interested parties from these sources. We can of course discuss in detail directly via phone/email.

There are several other very nice examples of desirable machine guns still available in the collection.

If you are interested in purchasing this gun, please do not attempt to converse through board postings as I will not reply, please contact me directly at:


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Thank you for looking...



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