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WWII Savage M1A1 Thompson for sale $20,995


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Excellent condition 1943 Savage M1A1 Thompson Machine Gun C&R Rated WWII.
Serial number 586XXX with a S stamped on the bottom of the receiver. The Auto-Ordnance Corporation name and Bridgeport address are present on the receiver’s right side. The correct spelling of Caliber is present. The receiver is stamped FJA for Colonel Frank J Atwood. It also features the Auto-Ordnance encircled acceptance stamp of “GEG” for George E. Goll.  The “GEG” stamp appears twice; once on the receiver nose, and once above the magazine well.  George E. Goll was the longest serving employee of Auto-Ordnance, beginning as General Thompson’s chauffeur, and he ended up becoming the President of the Auto-Ordnance Division of Maguire Industries during WWII
Full Auto is marked on two lines on the trigger housing and U.S. PROPERTY on the receiver is stamped on two lines. The rear sight is protected, and the safety and rocker pivots are of the Pin design.
There is a through bolt in the buttstock with stamped sling swivels. The wood is in almost perfect condition and shows no signs of being refinished. There is no serial number on the Savage trigger housing which is correct for any Savage manufactured after January 1943 as per AXS 725 specifications.
The front hand guard is marked “S” for Savage
This is a C&R transferable historic machine gun that is in excellent condition and is highly collectable.
The gun is incoming on a form 4 and the paperwork was filed with the ATF in May. We will eFile on a form 3 to your dealer when finalized.
Call 570-592-2171

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