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Reising m50


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Hey fellas I was wondering if any of you guys knew how to date these guns I’ve looked around the Internet for probably idk 45 min or so today trying to figure out when this gun was made the serial number is in the 2300 range haven’t really found out what that means or how to gage it’s age? Thank you all in advanced for your time knowledge. 

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THUMPY,  A TOUGH JOB! maybe there has been something printed lately that could help. the problem is there were/are both commercial AND military guns. then of course you must remember NUMERICH ended up with most everything  except the prototypes at H+R which were sold at the auction. I thought I knew about most runs until I stumbled on a bunch of 50's and 55's in EUROPE in the 90's  all were as new and had to be cut to bring them in. in GERMANY I found another group that had a HUGE CLUB FOOT STOCK making them have a "bull pup" look. when you get your gun, gather up the 4 finer grits in CRATEX sticks and deburr/ smooth every piece. the gun will come smooth as glass and feel "SWISS" in the hand.   GOOD JOB

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Hold your Reising with the muzzle to the right and read the script on top of the receiver.  If you can read it, it is an earlier gun, as in late 1940 to early 1942. If it is upside down, then it is a later gun.  Your low serial number range would definitely suggest 1940 or 1941.  Mine has a serial number in the 12000 range and has the features of an early commercial model. The Reising Submachine Gun Story by Frank Iannamico is a good book to have.  I don't know if it is still in print.

Best regards,

Kevin in NC 

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There is an article in Reising article in Small Arms Review magazine that lists all the manufacture dates by serial number ranges. The list is at the end of the article.


It is one of several Reising articles in SAR.

I think the Reising book; The Reising Submachine Gun Story is still available from SAR 

Edited by Frank Iannamico
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