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MM23E: 2 spare barrels Like new condition 12K plus shipping

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This is an excellent condition MM23E . This rifle has been fired exactly 290 rounds and you can see it fire every one of those rounds. I loaded 3 belts of 30 rounds and 4 belts of 50 rounds and a friend of mine took his video camera out when we test fired this gun. It functioned perfectly as you can see in this video.


I took the rifle home cleaned it and put in on the vault wall where it has been since.I have a registered receiver German HK23E and lots of other hosts for my registered HK sear so this rifle has remained unfired since it's test firing.I am retired and just thinning out some of my redundant items. It comes with an extra heavy barrel and light barrel plus the light barrel it came with. The extra light barrel is unfired.The original light barrel and the heavy barrel were used in the test firing. I added a German 23E belt guide seen in the pictures. Please look at the pictures closely for condition. This MM23E is not so much used as it is vetted so you can know there are no manufacturing or functioning issues with this semi-auto belt fed host. It comes with the original SEF housing and a four position housing if you have a registered sear in a four position pack. This is a semi-auto only rifle and transferes as such to your local FFL dealer. Other extras include an adapter and 200 round SAW ammo box and 500 M27 clean used links. 

The price is $12,000 for the MM23E, 2 extra barrels, HK23E belt guide, SAW adapter, 200 round SAW box, 500 M27 links and the 4 position housing if you have a 4 position trigger pack. Shipping and insurance is $100. The barrels are around $1,000 each now and the adapter is around $200.You are ready to rock and roll with this package with no waiting. This package would cost around $15,000 new.

Payment by check is fine if you want to wait until it clears. Certified funds ship right away as long as I have your receiving FFL .

MM23E 1 002.JPG

MM23E 1 003.JPG

MM23E 1 004.JPG

MM23E 1 005.JPG

MM23E 1 006.JPG

MM23E 1 007.JPG

MM23E 1 008.JPG

MM23E 1 009.JPG

MM23E 1 010.JPG

MM23E 1 011.JPG

MM23E 1 013.JPG

MM23E 1 014.JPG

MM23E 1 015.JPG

MM23E 1 016.JPG

MM23E 1 017.JPG

MM23E 1 018.JPG

MM23E 1 019.JPG

MM23E 1 020.JPG

MM23E 1 021.JPG

MM23E 1 022.JPG

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