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WTS: Mauser C96 Cone Hammer...Antique Broomhandle

Jim B

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Very early 1st Series C96 Mauser

All correct features, long extractor, early safety, Cone pattern hammer, etc.

I imported this in the 90's from South Africa.  Pretty sure it received a reblue over there but an extremely nice one.  Sharp edges, clear vivid roll marks, maybe 90%+ blue.  Great bore.  Proper stock but mismatched SN.  The early stocks slightly differ on the attaching lug than new models.  You can not install new model stocks on the older guns without fitting the iron.  Has a harness and rod.  While it looks original I suspect it's an early repro that has aged over the past close to 50 odd years.

Hard to find Cone Hammer guns period

This of course being pre 1899 transfers direct, no FFL or 4473 required at the federal level.  Know your own State laws on that


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