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WTS: Various post, pre-dealer samples, on Transferables


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Giving up my SOT2.  All guns are on a Form 3's in Arkansas and will transfer fast via EForms, all are NO LETTER POST or Pre SAMPLES.  Funds must clear 100% before running eform.  Price DOES NOT include freight and insurance.


Call me at 501-590-8716 or email at andrewsarmoryllc@gmail.com if interested or if you need additional info.  Pics upon request.



Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, STG58, .308 - $2450.

Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC, model CXME, CETME conversion pack on a Century CETME- sear pack registered, not gun -$800.

Post-May Dealer Sample, Marcolmar Firearms UKVZ59 (UK59), excellent condition, runs flawless. Missing dust cover, accessories include loader, extra belts, bipod.  Rare hard to get machine gun. - $5200.

Pre-May Dealer Sample, HK, HK53A2, .223, excellent condition, fixed and collapsible stock. -$9700.

Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory, M240B, .308 with two barrels, spade grips, stock, extra trigger pack. Runs perfect, excellent condition. -$16,750.





































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