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WTS M16/607 non NFA moderators $50 shipped

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Faithful reproduction of the original 607 moderators used on the Colt CAR15’s used by SEAL’s, rangers and other SF people in the mid 60’s in Vietnam and other hot spots.  For those who aren’t aware, the 607,  called by a number of names (GX-5857/07/CAR15) was the very first attempt at an M16 carbine. This is a reproduction of basically a prototype. The next iteration included bird cage type flash holes and is commonly referred to as a 177 type as it was first used on the next evolution of the M16 carbine, the XM 177E1.  Since the Retro craze has caught on again, we figured we’d get back into it. As some may know Liemohn Manufacturing has its roots deep in the  now defunct company, Total Silence who were well known for reproducing early M16 development parts that had been off the market for 50 years.  Price is $50 and includes shipping to anywhere in the US.  Interested parties should contact Tom at machineguntom4@yahoo.com
We also have NFA versions too! Inquire about those or look on the NFA for sale page. 

Specs- OAL 3.5"      finish: Manganese Phosphate Parkerize  Material: 4140 carbon steel   Thread pattern: 1/2x28,  Caliber/Bore size: 5.56/.22LR   Dates used:1964-1966 approximately

Tom Liemohn
Liemohn Manufacturing LLC



607 non NFA moderators 1.JPG


Edited by Tom Liemohn Kent Washingto
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