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WTS: BNIB on form 3 MP5N (price lowered) & KAC MP5SD (SPF) suppressors


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*******Please contact me at mclmminsc at gmail dot com for pictures

I have one of the first 50 LMT CSW’s inbound to my dealer and that rifle pretty much checks the boxes I needed checked when I got these two cans. I had held off sending in my forms to see if the the HPA would go anywhere but it hasn’t. I would rather see someone else get some use out of these. They have been sitting in my dealers safe for weeks. 

It will take me a day or two for pictures if you need them but they are your standard run of the mill BNIB KAC SMG cans just like any other KAC Navy or SD cans online. 

They are on form 3 in upstate SC.

I am asking $1150 $950 obo for the 9mm Navy thread on shipped. 

SPF I am asking $1350 obo for the 9mm MP5SD shipped.

I can offer a discount if you buy both.

With the growing MP5 clone market, now is a good time to buy the gold standard in MP5 suppressors. 

I am not looking for trades. Discreet PP is best, but MO or cashiers check is GTG as well.

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