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WTS: HK Red Book Bible Kersten Schmid English Rare 1st Edition Like New

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Rare out of print Heckler & Kock HK coffee table book by Manfred Kersten and Walther Schmid. English version. The is a very rare 1st edition print. Often referred to as the 'HK bible' or Red Book. 381 pages. Condition is essentially like new. There is one tiny tear (3mm) in the back top of the dust cover (shown in pic), and a small area where it appears someone used it as backing to write something. It is not torn. $675 shipped in CONUS. Cashier's ck, USPS MO or discreet PP 'gift'. 

PzkMQOEm_t.jpg F12fZEP7_t.jpg wLpey9eX_t.jpg mIyLEMnY_t.jpg g5qfQejF_t.jpg xA4FtNBD_t.jpg OiXSso0c_t.jpg

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