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Colt AR-15 Model SP1 fully automatic Colt Factory Conversion

AZ class 3

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Colt AR-15 Model SP1 fully automatic Colt Factory Conversion.


$21,000.00 …... sale is NFA sale requires 2 tax stamps.


Sale includes


1.     Advanced Armament M4-2000 5.56mm Fully Automatic Rated Silencer


2.     Colt AR-15 SP1 select fire Fully Automatic machine gun 5.56mm


3.     AIMPOINT Red Laser Dot comp m3 2 moa Scope (Military grade)


4.     Aimpoint  3x magnifier Quick-Release Rear Scope/Spotting Scope (military grade)


5.     Surefire Front Grip Multi Light System M900a white light and red light (military grade)


6.     Military Grade Multifunction Nylon Adjustable Strap


7.     Rear Adjustable Butt with Battery Compartments





september 2013 076.jpg

september 2013 082.jpg

september 2013 084.jpg

september 2013 085.jpg

september 2013 086.jpg

september 2013 097.jpg

september 2013 074.jpg

september 2013 075.jpg

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