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WTS: PRE-MAY Thompson 28A1 Package $22,500

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PRE-MAY Dealer Sample Auto-Ordnance Bridgeport Thompson 28A1 for sale with LARGE collection.  This is probably one of the most unique WWII Thompson’s you’re likely to see.  Completely restored to look like a Colt 21AC.  The receiver suffered a few very small amounts of (authentic) pitting (like so many of the Colts), which were arrested and sealed over, years ago, by professionally bluing the receiver to look like a Colt.  The wood is all new walnut, and crafted by a very talented woodsmith, making this Thompson look even MORE like a Colt.  Of course, the original wood and screws are included with this package, too (see pic).  This is, by far, the nicest looking Pre-May WWII Thompson you’ll ever see; as it’s turned heads any time it’s been displayed.  As noted from the pics, this package comes with a whole lotta stuff:  FIVE L-drums (three AutoOrdance, one Crosby, and the NY drum it’s pictured with on the stand),  eight 20-rd stick mags, five 30-rd stick mags, one rare 30-rd curved mag, the original set of wood, two oilers, cleaning rod and brushes, spare lower receiver, and a very meticulously carved Pelican case as pictured (note that the L-drum on the right, in the case, has a punch-out to fit a C-drum instead, if you wish).  This Thompson has had nothing but the highest level of care since owning it for more than  10 years.  Of course, it shoots perfectly, and has lots of rifling remaining in the barrel.  This is a real keeper for the Class III dealer; one that’s so unique you’ll never want to sell it.  And with this complete package, the only thing you’ll need is ammo (and maybe a C-drum if you so desire).  Offers like this one don’t come up very often.  So give me a call with questions (616-443-0034); or e-mail me at quietshooting@gmail.com  .  Price for complete package:  $22,500








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