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Chinese Type 56 Full Auto Question


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I have a PolyTech AKS 762 that was converted to full auto.  It looks like the conversion was done correctly.

I read somewhere that the 'rate reducer' on AKMs was more of a safety feature, delaying the hammer by milliseconds to ensure the bolt was fully into battery.  Since mine is a Type 56 copy (I think), mine doesn't have a rate reducer.  It just relies on that auto sear that's on the bolt rail.

Is the 'rate reducer' really a safety device?  Is my gun less safe because I don't have it?


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My understanding is that the Chinese never used them in their AK production. I don't lose any sleep not having one installed in my converted Norinco AKS-74U. And although my Vietnam "bringback" has a forged receiver, it doesn't have one, either. Check out Frank Iannamico's book, "The Grim Reaper". I have both editions.

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