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  1. This pages moves slow ..... no need to bump ad that is STILL ON THE FIRST PAGE HERE .
  2. Money Saving USPO Mailing Info. UPDATED 2.3.21 Hey guys ..... want to send US Priority Mail packages each MUCH CHEAPER ? Here's how ........ Use US Postal Flat Rate Padded Envelopes ....and Regional Box A and B size boxes. Have something that will Not fit the Small Flate Rate Priority Box ? [ $8.30 ] Well ..... if it will fit in the Flat Rate Padded Envelope the price is ONLY $8.55 !!! FYI ..... a 4 Cell AK mag pouch with 4 mags ..... Almost 4 pounds .....WILL FIT in the Flat Rate Padded Envelope ...... Translation > you can mail the mag pouch with 4 AK mags for $8.55 .... [ instead of the Medium Flat Rate box $15.50 ] You SAVE $7 !! The Regional Rate boxes run about $4 to $6 cheaper than the Medium and Large Flat Rate Boxes. A 3 pound Regional Box A runs about $13 to all 48 states ..... the Medium Flat rate box would run $15.50 The Regional Boxes are not Flat Rate ...... so .... for any real heavy items .... Flat Rate may be a better choice. Go to the USPS website ...... > Free Shipping Supplies to order ......... Flat Rate Padded Envelopes and Regional Boxes A & B They will mail supplies to you for FREE ..... with a 4/5 day delivery to you . Pass the savings on to you Customer !