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  1. Plate linker for .308 / 7.62×51 M13 disintegrating metal links. Commonly used by the M60, M134 Minigun & M240 machine guns. Aircraft aluminum requires less force due to the fulcrum design. Designed to be mounted to a table and will link up 20 rounds at a time. Once you get the hang of it, 100 round belts can be made in as little as 6 minutes! The base plate is anodized and all other parts are coated with black nitride. Guaranteed not to break or wear out! Weight: 12 Pounds. $350 plus Shipping UPS Ground Venmo, Cash App, or Money order preferred.
  2. Prices listed are per box/ can/ crate/ bandoleer/ round. Shipping is combined when possible. The following are available: SOLD-30-06 M2 Ball 250rd Belt - Headstamped "IK 30-06", I believe this is Igman. Bright and shiny, non-corrosive. $260.00 shipped. SOLD-30-06 M2 Ball linked 250rd Belt X 3, Korean 2 are PS 81 headstamped, 1 is KA. - $225 shipped 30-06 Ball linked 250rd Belt X 2, British K headstamped (Kynoch) - $230 shipped. SOLD-30-06 M2 Ball Greek HXP in Enbloc Clips 192rd can X 12 - $260.00 shipped. SOLD-30-06 M2 Ball Greek HXP Loose in 202rd can X 9, mixed headstamp, mostly 70's it looks like. - $270.00 shipped. 30-06 AP loose and in enbloc clips, various headstamps, ~400rds available (AYR,LC,DM,SL,...) $20/Enbloc, $2.00rd/loose + shipping SOLD-30-06 M2 Ball CMP boxes, 240rd can X 1, $300.00 shipped SOLD-30-06 M25 Tracer in 20rd boxes X 11, HXP 1971, $30.00/box + shipping SOLD-30-06 Tracer 200rds Loose, LOT 1 - FN Belgium, primer is sealed, bright and shiny. Headstamped "FN 67" $215.00 SOLD-30-06 Tracer 200rds Loose, LOT 2 - FN Belgium, primer is sealed, bright and shiny. Headstamped "FN 67" $215.00 SOLD-30-06 Tracer 150rds Loose, LOT 3 - FN Belgium, primer is sealed, bright and shiny. Headstamped "FN 67" $165.00 30-06 Ball Korean, 440rds Loose in can X 1 - KA Headstamped, mostly 70's, $400.00 shipped 30-06 Ball Korean, 250rds Loose in can X 4 - KA Headstamped, mostly 70's, $230.00 shipped SOLD-5.56 M196 Tracer 720rd Can, Winchester Military Surplus, A few available $640.00 shipped SOLD-5.56 M196 Tracer 840rd Can X 2, Twin Cities Arsenal, packed in 20rd boxes, checked 1 can, 1968 headstamp. $730.00 shipped 5.56 SAW Cans linked w/strarter, 800rd Can X 1, 4 and 1 ball/tracer (M855/M856) $700.00 + shipping 5.56 M193 Ball Centurion, Boxed Loose X 2, $400.00 Shipped 5.56 M855 LC on stripper clips, 420rd can X 1, $275.00 shipped 30 Carbine LC in 50rd boxes X 75 - late 60's early 70's. $45.00/box + shipping 7.62X51 Winchester 147gr FMJ, 20rd boxes X 20, $20.00/box + shipping 7.62X51 L2A2 Ball, 300rds in cartons to the can X 1, Australian origin, $280.00 shipped SOLD-7.62X51 L2A2 Ball, 750rd Crate X 2, packed in 5rd stripper clips in bandoleers, British Aerospace Defense (Radway Green) $685.00 + shipping 7.62X51 L2A2 Ball, 125rd Bandoleers X 3, on 5rd clips, Radway Green, $140/each shipped. 7.62X51 L2A2 Ball, 4rd links, 160rd can X 1, Radway Green, $175.00 shipped. SOLD-7.62X51 L2A2 Ball, German, 200rd sealed battle pack X 1. $220.00 shipped. SOLD-7.62X51 M1A2 Ball, South African, 140rd sealed battle pack X 1. $155.00 shipped. 7.62X51 Ball, Loose in 500rd Can X 2 - German DAG $450.00 shipped. 7.62X51 Ball, 10rd plastic packs, 420rds in a can X 1, made in India $325.00 shipped SOLD-7.62X51 Ball, 250rds linked X 1, Portuguese. $230.00 shipped. SOLD-7.62X51 Ball, 250rds linked X 1, Pakistani $200.00 shipped. 7.62X51 Ball, Turkish MKE in 20rd boxes X 100 - $20.00/box + shipping 45 ACP Ball, Winchester 230gr 100rd boxes X 5, $50.00/ + shipping Local pick-up between Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC can be arranged. Shipping will be calculated on heavy/bulky items based on destination. More ammo to be listed ...
  3. thought the can was full - not. Have 128 rounds of 20mm Vulcan practice "blue tip" ammo. electric primed. $7 a round plus ship anywhere in US for $145 on small pallet (only to commercial addresses) truckers want more $$$ for residential delivery unless you pick it up at a nearby terminal. Call NM AC tewsyxnyn 20fyv6
  4. WTS: Eagle Industries 300 Round 7.62 Linked Ammunition Feeder Bag (M240, M60, ETC.) I have several excellent condition (as new) Eagle Industries 300 round 7.62 ammunition feeder bags available for sale. These bags are designed as light weight linked ammunition pouches that are perfect for belt fed machine guns like the M240 and M60 (or any other 7.62 belt fed). The bags are made of coyote tan 1000D cordura nylon and feature an internal divider which allows it to feed from either side. Each side has a closure flap which buckles down for transport or secures up with velcro for use. The main flap is secured with 2 heavy duty buckles and offers total protection to the interior from debris. The rear side of the pouch features 2 heavy duty D rings which allow use of the included HK style padded shoulder strap. There is also an integrated carrying handle on the top if you do not wish to use the strap. These are easily the best option I have found for transporting and shooting 7.62 belts on the go. They are easy to pack, easy to grab, and easy to use (the best of all worlds). I have tested these with .308 / 7.62, 7.62x54R, .223 / 5.56, and 7.62x39 belts and they work perfectly with each making them ideal not only for M240s and M60s but also with the M249, Fightlite AR15 upper, PKM, RPD, and all similar platforms. The separated interior does allow for use of 2 different belts allowing for the option of transport and use of 2 unique types of ammunition in one container (ideal for range use). Dimensions: 7” x 12” x 3.5” **These bags have become increasingly difficult to find lately, I do not expect to find any more in quantity** Price: HOLIDAY REDUCTION !! - $100 each Payment: Paypal gift / friends & family, Venmo, USPS Money Order, Check Shipping: Actual Cost Contact: PM or email at bevisblack15NOSPAM@yahoo.com (remove NOSPAM) Cross posted
  5. For sale is 300 rounds of 1938 German WWII Era 8mm Mauser Ball Ammo. In original, unopened cardboard sleeve. Excellent condition for being over 80 years old. $250. Shipping and insurance extra. Only shipped to state where legal. lakesideazguns@gmail.com
  6. I have for sale as shown in pic 318 Rds of 7.62 x 54r Ammo. A) LVE Non Corrosive Russian 19 Rds B) Albanian 51 Rds C)Yugoslavian 63 Rds D)Russian/Bulgarian Steel Core 95 Rds E) Russian on Original Stripper Clips 90 Rds (18 Stripper Clips)_ Total: 318 Rds $150.00 + Shipping ( I will get you actual Shipping) (SELLING AS A LOT ONLY) SOLD PENDING FUNDS I will accept as payment US Postal Money Order or PayPal (Discreet as Gift Only, Friends and Family) ** THIS IS CROSS POSTED** First "Ill take it" in this thread gets it followed by a PM to me with your Name and MAILING ADDRESS. ( I NEED YOUR NAME AND FULL ADDRESS TO GET ACTUAL SHIPPING) Caveats Don't Count Please any Questions or Comments PM me. Thank You for looking, Murray Over in Carolina
  7. You get everything pictured $3300 OBO delivered USPS Priority comes with $50 insurance Buyer responsible for added insurance. Zelle preferred will do PP FNF Only no comments Personal ck or Certified Ck or USPS Money Order.
  8. WTS Russian 5.45x39 1080 Round Ham Cans. I have a few of these ham cans that I would like to sell for $450 a ham can or trade for good 308/7.62x51, will go 2 for 1! 2160 rounds of 5.45 for 1080 rounds of 308. I'll pay ship to you, you pay ship to me.For some reason won't upload pics. Call 480-384-0616 or email services@rdts.com ask for Ralph
  9. WTS: H&R Reising M50 Mags. 12 rounds mags. 5 parked with ribbed sides and 1 blued plain with sides. Used but good condition. $ 65.00 each shipped.
  10. I have for sale as shown in pic 2 Boxes of Fiocchi 9 x 18 Makarov 95 GR FMJ Ammo. (100 RDS) $65.00 for Both Boxes + Postage ( I will get you actual Postage) SOLD I will Accept as Payment US Postal Money Order or PayPal Discreet as a Gift Only, Friends and Family ** THIS IS CROSS POSTED** First "Ill take it" in this thread gets it followed by a PM TO ME WITH YOUR NAME AND SHIPPING ADDRESS. ( I WILL NEED THIS TO GET YOU ACTUAL SHIPPING) Caveats Don't Count Please any Questions or Comments PM me. Thank you for looking, Murray Over in Carolina.
  11. Two intact cases of Egyptian 9mm ammo. Yeah, those lil' 36 round boxes. 4500 rounds per case, 9000 total. 115 grain, brass cased, Berdan primed and yeah, corrosive. But you clean your guns,right? No good for handguns... hard primers. Requires at least two trigger pulls to ignite with a handgun. $12 a box. Take'em all for $10 a box. Local pickup, please...cases are heavy!
  12. I have up for sale 4000 rds of Israeli 9mm, this is all +p+ machinegun ammo and should not be fired thru pistols. Very clean brass cased 1970's head stamp. .50 a rd, I have 2 50 cal cans with 2000k per can. Local pick up in Columbus Ohio area.
  13. I have for sale as shown in pics a Spam Can, 240 RD's (12 Boxes at 20 RD's Per Box). Boxer Primed and Non-Corrosive. Reloadable Brass. Head Stamp Varies HXP62-HXP80 $240.00 + Postage ( I will get you actual Postage) SOLD Can ship in Spam Can or if you wish I can Remove it from the Spam Can and put it in a Box. I will Accept as payment US Postal Money order or PayPal (Discreet as a Gift Only, Friends and Family) THIS IS CROSS POSTED First "Ill take it" in this thread gets it followed by a PM to ME WITH YOUR NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS! Caveats Don't Count Please any Questions or Comments PM me. Thank you for looking, Murray Over in Carolina
  14. 200 RDS - Portuguese (BF)- 7.62x51mm NATO - M963 - FMJ - Sealed Battle Packs. $150 each plus shipping. Preferred payment Discreet PP F&F, Zelle or Venmo.
  15. South African Battle Packs .308 SOLD South African Battle Packs .223 SOLD
  16. I have for sale as shown in pics 1 Case, 1000 Rounds (20 Boxes) of Blazer .45 Cal 230 Grain FMJ Ammo. This is New Ammo always Stored in a Dry, Humidity Free Room. $700.00 + Shipping ( I will get you actual Shipping) I think i am on the money.... I will accept as payment US Postal Money Order or PayPal (Discreet as a Gift Only, Friends and Family) ** THIS IS CROSS POSTED** First "ill take it" in this thread gets it followed by a PM to me with YOUR NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS. Caveats don't Count! Please, Any Questions or Comments PM Me. Thank you for looking, Aryck
  17. Does anyone have any idea what some old Egyptian 9 mm ammo would be worth? I know it's corrosive, 115 gr fmj, 36 rounds boxes etc. Haven't been able to find any info at all. Shattered
  18. I have about 3000 rds of 8mm for sale, Turk, Yugo, German, pickup only in Columbus Ohio area. .35 a rd NO SHIP.
  19. I have an enormous amount of 8mm Mauser (7.92) ammo in crates. Pickup only. So I'll make it worthwhile. Yes, my belted .50 BMG and 7.62 are gone. Also big mounts are gone I have lots of belts and starter tabs for MG34/42 etc. Also belts for ZB37 some unissued) :-) Please email ivan@ivanshapiro.com for details. Thanks @
  20. WTS .303 ammo – I just opened a tin of 1300 that I had stashed away a few years ago and forgot about. This is the really good stuff. 1980s South African production, brass-cased, full metal jacket, non-corrosive, Berdan-primed, 174 grain, absolutely immaculate. Sold in boxes of 50. $40 per box plus shipping. (or best reasonable offer) Unless you’re in the Houston area in which case I’ll meet up.
  21. 50 BMG BlackTip Belted Ammo in Ammo Cans I sold my M2HBs and I have 1700 rds of BLACK TIP (penetrator) in 50 cal ammo cans. Pictures not taken, but you know what it is. $250.00 per can of 100 rd belted black tip 50 BMG ammo. I can ship large quantity of this (actually I already have shipped). And, BTW, I have a NAVY DECK MOUNT and M63 Ground Mount AA & Personell/Materriel.to be listed on Sturm with pictures. Ivan Shapiro - Northern Maine Tactical Supply I’m Listed on SUBGUNS RECOMMENDED DEALERS LIST for 17 years Call me (207) 476-0000 daily 9AM-7PM Eastern or email ivan@machinegundealer.com
  22. Premium Black Hills - Red Box - Factory New Production (Not to be confused with Factory Reloads - Blue box) .223 Remington 55 gr. Full Metal Jacket Ammunition. 1000 rounds case (20 boxes of 50 rounds each) at $419.00 Per Case + Actual Ground Shipping cost, 10 cases available. This ammunition sells on Brownells for $670/case when available. Safe for use in 5.56 NATO chambers. Superb all purpose ammunition produced by one of the best ammo manufactures in the country. Brass cases are boxer primed and re-loadable for additional value. Due to shipping constraints or state laws, I will not ship to CA, CT, AK, DC, HI, MA, NY, PR. Other restrictions may apply, please know your local laws and restrictions before purchasing. Ammunition sales are final. Adult Signature is required at time of delivery. Local pick-up may be arranged. I accept USPS and Western Union Money Orders, Apple Pay, Paypal (gift), Venmo. Money Orders from other issuers and checks are also accepted, orders will ship once funds clear bank. All orders ship within 1 business day of funds clearing.
  23. I have about 1000 rounds of the South African New Generation ammo. It is packed in the red boxes and is sealed. It is the REGULAR ammo and NOT the +P ammo, Is this just shooting ammo or is it collectible? I bought 2000 rounds of this stuff about 20 years ago. I shot 1000 rounds and kept the other 1000 because it is really primo ammo. I was trying to find more but none is to be found anywhere that I can see.
  24. Premium SAKO .380 auto ammo, 95 gr. FMJ round nose, brass case, packaged in 50-rd retail boxes, $219 per 1,000 rds (20 boxes) plus flat rate shipping of $27 per order to the lower 48, several thousand rounds available, great deal if you have to feed an M11 subgun. If interested, please contact me directly at xanthus@asia.com. Thanks for looking. Bob
  25. WTS: Chinese 7.62x39 - Norinco, Chine Sport, Jing An - Boxed I have five assorted full boxes of old stock Chinese 7.62x39mm ammunition available for sale. The breakdown of the lot is as follows: 2 Norinco silver box 1 Chinasport (1 torn end) 2 Green Jing An These are all old stock items and as such exhibit some light wear. These early boxes are getting more difficult to find, don’t miss your chance to add these to your collection!! -Price: $90 Shipping: Actual Price Payment: Standard PayPal plus the fee or USPS money order
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