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  1. Do you still have a C&R Sten? Thanks
  2. Looking for an original WW2 Sten mark 5 front grip. Thanks
  3. Looking for a Mark 5 trigger housing dust cover with lots of original suncorite/painted finish. Thanks
  4. Looking for a rear sight for a 1915 CRSG chauchat, or entire parts kit. Thanks
  5. Looking for a rear sight or parts kit for a CSRG chauchat. Thanks
  6. looking for a parts kit and/or a complete rear sight. Thanks
  7. Looking for a complete parts kit or rear sight only. Thanks
  8. looking for a complete rear sight for a CSRG chauchat. Thanks.
  9. I am looking for 50 round magazines for the british lanchester SMG. Thanks Matt Fort Worth, TX
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