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  1. I have up for sale a pristine (SAFE QUEEN) transferable SWD Cobray M11/9. I have all the parts to make this back to factory configuration (You won't want to at all). This currently has the Lage 750 rpm upper on it with the Lage Metal quad rail and sights, gas block, extra buffers, Lage Mag-release grip, Lage 7 1/2" stock, Complete lage trigger group (trigger/sear). The barrel is in great condition with a 3 lug adaptor. The frame is solid with no cracks what so ever. This will come with all of the factory original parts, 10 factory zytel magazines (one is a 15rder), a Pelican Storm case that stores everything. This is currently on a Form 4 in Northern VA and I would prefer to do a form 4 to form 4 transfer in VA. Will drive to meet to a reasonable distance. I have owed this transferrable for a number of years now and I have had zero malfunctions with it running factory zytel mags. **ALL ATF NFA Rules Apply - You Pay the $200 Tax stamp. SOLD!!! (I know that I'm new to this forum but I'm part of other forums with high 100% feedback and credibility that I can reference.)
  2. Tall Pine, Thank you very much for the assistance. I agree with your assessment as I have done recent research myself and your numbers are similar to what I have found. I have owned this transferrable firearm for a number of years now. It's in beautiful condition and for the last 2 years has been nothing but a safe queen. The re-weld work was professionally done by a ClassIII gunsmith in Maryland (I will have to find out who it is. He is reputable). In my opinion the re-weld work increases the value because it was so well done that it looks like the factory did the work and it honestly will never fail, plus it was reparkerized to factory color. I know the 86 year versions were very prone to cracking to pieces especially in the back plate area. All of this has superbly been strengthen to better than new condition when I first took ownership of the gun. This smg is incredibly reliable and runs like a sewing machine with zero malfunctions what so ever. The old cast trigger parts have all been replaced with LAGE machined parts. Of course I still have all the original parts for it to be returned to complete factory condition. Between the mags, upgrade parts/ LAGE parts, and the case I'd say there is about $1,500 in essential parts to truly enjoy this firearm the way it should be. I use to often get compliments from people thinking it was an HK at first glance. I'm not certain at this time that I want to part with it, but I have been considering. Thank you for your assistance.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum but have credibility on snipershide and other forums. I'm wondering what the market value (going rate) would be on a transferrable SWD Cobray M11 9mm that has been professionally re-welded and parkerized. This transferrable has a LAGE upper with the metal lower rail and 3-lug adaptor on the barrel. It has the complete Lage trigger group (trigger/sear) and a Lage Stock. There are 10 factory zytel mags and it all comes in a nice Pelican hard case. All original parts and upper included. This is currently on a Form4 in VA. Thank you,