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  1. Need at least one holster for someone downrange ASAP. Until we can make some more in the future with our other gear. Condition needed, new or like new. If and when we make some more, as a thank you, we can return the favor and offer some of ours in a nice color. We also have some laser suppressor holsters for the HK MK24 (MK 24 Mod 0 with AAC Ti-Rant45 and Crimson Trace) If a left hand draw is all you have, we may consider that as well. Payment PP. Please email with price shipped for USA, your pp payment email, and photo of holster with LBT tag to confirm. Photo of holster attached below, Thank you
  2. Too bad, thought sturmgewehr.com had enacted a "Stop Loss" Policy where the action and service never ends for vital and irreplaceable personnel like yourself.
  3. Members who wish to preform a trade, ship Buddy as site Moderator, their trade goods, pay via pp discreet USPS flat rate shipping costs, plus a Buddy free lunch payment to be determined by Buddy. Upon receipt of both party trade items, Buddy then ships the trade goods to each party. Fee's and instructions would be added to your signature, if a special Trade only forum is not created. Maybe there can be a forum section for Trades with participating members of the community known to have impeccable reputations, like you Buddy, that are not created by shill accounts.
  4. WTT for or WTB Steyr AUG 14 inch barrel OEM closed birdcage flash, E series. Prefer Green grip, new unfired. Please message price, condition, details, pics, and your email for contact. $ or WTT any item below for barrels: > Steyr 6th Gen 9mm Steyr AUG SA caliber conversion kit. Black. New. > Like new Aimpoint T1 with less than a minute of run time that were test fit only, still retain factory zero, unfired. > NOS LBT MAS Grey HK MK 24 Laser Suppressor Holsters (L or R). Holster is for MK24 but the HK45CT is close, per preference might be used for HK USP45CT, 9mm SIG 226X5 Shorts, 226R, Glock or similar sized suppressed handguns. This is a mil tactical style mid ride fabric holster with shell, thumb break, elastic grip safety and thigh strap. These have the DOM and not the current switch over to lot #'s. Trade terms, send your barrel(s) with USPS signature confirmation, upon receipt your items will then be sent USPS signature confirmation. 3 day inspection. Thank you
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