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  1. Which Thompson for 1st machine gun?

    Ok got more info. It has an M1 bolt in it. From what I understand they have a slightly higher fire rate. Any downside to having an M1 bolt vs an M1A1 bolt?
  2. Which Thompson for 1st machine gun?

    The west Hurley is an M1A1 type
  3. Which Thompson for 1st machine gun?

    So I have a video of Dan shooting the West Hurley. He replaced a bunch of parts. The WWII model does not have an A1 overstep next to the M1. Looks to have the correct selectors and the wings for the rear sight, I just don't know if it has a floating pin bolt or the fixed firing pin. Would the GI model with a floating firing pin be a no go or still recommended over the West Hurley?
  4. Which Thompson for 1st machine gun?

    It seems that the ww2 gun is pretty well kept. The west Hurley had a once over by a gunsmith which is a plus, as well as being new in box aside from parts that require replacement such as the mag catch
  5. So I’ve been working with a dealer to get a Thompson. He has 2 options for me that are basically the same price point. One is a new in box west Hurley Thompson that has been reworked by Dan Block to accept GI mags and other parts updates. The other is a late war M1 or M1A1 (not sure which it is. Looks to have had an armory rework with refinishing and a new barrel. Later model with the fore grip reinforcing band. Given the cost is about the same 1k difference, what would be the better option? I’m leaning toward the west Hurley.