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  1. Potential Scam Accounts

    Got one too from falfiles email normanmag@protonmail.com saying Norman can help me out but he didn't say what it was in regards too.. guy is obviously spamming everyone's WTB ads i also got a email from "Samuel jolly... About another thing I wanted to buy I had a replied to someone else's WTB thread and he emailed me from that thread... he was also reported on another forum. New scammer.. Samuel and Tonya. Claiming to need to sell whatever unrealistic deal they have "for cancer reasons... You'd think even if that was the case.. you continue to shoot your stuff up until you physically couldn't... Then pass it on to your kids.. this isn't a 2008 Honda Civic.. They seem to be replying to people who post in other peoples WTS threads.. that's why it confused me at first at how they had knew I was looking for said item.. I'm sure they are also replying to people making WTB ads as well.. These people are scum and it makes me sad to see this and the storys they try to use cancer to steal from people.. pretty slimey.. Anyway I hope this maybe saves someone a few bucks or some greif.. I would have just linked the thread from sigforum but that sounds like it might be kinda in a grey area with rules.. considering why the link would be posted so I just grabbed the substance from there.. other emails they use ect.. I was personally messaged by both of these people though.. Norman and the Samuel/Tonya character.. Emails from Samuel/Tonya Samueljollygarmins@gmail.com tonyabutlerr@gmail.com gsg64@comcast.net valmetcollector@aol.com partial quote from DCFD4 on sigforum. Emails used over the last 3 days of recent emails: Samueljollygarmins@gmail.com Google search says Nigeria.... tonyabutlerr@gmail.com Google search shows a thread on HKPRO of someone who got ripped off by the same email All emails I've received use the same wording

    Hey everyone looking for a Sten mkii kit, I know someone probably has one they can spare.. if you do pm me or leave a message in the thread, is he so so happy to hear from you Thanks
  3. Would you be interested in working out a deal if I bought more than one?