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  1. Pre Sample HK MP5 A2-SOLD

    $11,200 net shipped
  2. LMT CSW (SBR, Suppressed)

    CSW now 2700
  3. LMT CSW (SBR, Suppressed)

    How about 2900 for the CSW
  4. Pre Sample HK MP5 A2-SOLD

    Bump, how about 12k even
  5. Adjusted, get in touch. I can send pictures of all the extras.
  6. LMT Confined Space Weapon- 2 Stamp on form 3 efile, SBR and Suppressor). 300blk Less than 100 rounds through it Rifle and flip sights only, ships in original packaging. $2700 net shipped B&T SPR300. It’s a 2 stamper SBR and Can. It’s on a form 3 for efile to dealer. Breaks down and comes in a sweet brief style case. Google can get you all the details. Rifle minus scope and laser is 4K. 1k under anywhere else. These are pretty rare. Barrel is 9" I believe. It is whisper quite with subs. Comes with Rifle Suppressor Bipod Brass Catcher Scope Rings Cleaning kit Paperwork Magsx2 ( Takes Sig 551 mags) Nylon case (very cool) SOLD If you would like the Kahles K16i SM1, adamount caps and scarlarworks leap its $1900 Feel free to call or text, (541)944-4774 Alex Trades M10, M11, M11a1 Q Honey badger
  7. IWI Pre Sample Full-size Uzi- Great condition and runs like a top! Whats included 5- Mags Short threaded Barrel Black and green plastic sets Mini Uzi style folding stock Forward pic rail Top cover with optic mount Extra German grip/fire control .22 conversion kit with 3 mags Thompson Machine SG2 suppressor with Uzi adapter SOLD
  8. Pre Sample HK MP5 A2-SOLD

  9. KAC SR25 ACC

    Knight Armament SR25 ACC trade pending May trade for a Mac M10 , M11 Or M11a1. Feel free to email or text me- Best, Alex 541-944-4774
  10. WTS: Group Industries HR4332 Uzi SOLD

    I figured it out, message sent