WTS FNH M249 or M240 Titanium SAW M192 Tripod exc. Also New SELECT FIRE Trigger group Spare Barrels, Collapsible stocks

Location: Western NC

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I have 1 only exc. condition M249 new type Titanium tripod M192, weighs only 11 pounds folds up small enough to be carried in spare barrel bag, GI issue, also fits M240/ MAG-58, Built in Traversing and Elevating mechanism (T&E) 975.00 unit is complete ready to go! Makes ultimate way to use and display your SAW or m240!

Select fire M249 trigger group new, 3  position Safe Semi Full auto NEW RARE  850.00

3 types of collapsible stocks for the M249 or M249S as follows ;

Early type Ranger twin arm Hydraulic stock in exc. condition most compact version 325.00

Type 2 SAVIT stock resembles large M4 style with hydraulic buffer, 5 position,  150.00

Newest Lightweight hydraulic buffered 5 Position with Tall and short cheek rests to use with Scope Optics on the rail top cover, new condition complete 300.00

New M249 top barrel heat shield 75.00


New M249 Gas tube assembly 200.00

M249 complete trigger group new 650.00

New M249 Recoil rod buffer assembly 135.00

New M249 Recoil spring 40.00

New Full Auto Bolt complete 450.00

New M249 Ejector arm 40.00

New in wrap M249 Trigger 50.00

New Armorer extractor pack all 4 oarts 65.00

Firing Pin, new 50.00

M240 or MAG-58 spare parts,

M240 SELECT Fire trigger group, NEW  RARE complete 850.00

Firing pin, new 55.00

Recoil assembly complete 65.00

M240 Bolt new in wrap 275.00

M240 Sear, New 50.00

M240 Trigger new 55.00

1 only USGI ELCAN M249 or M240 SAW Optic MGO, (Machine Gun Optic)complete in rarely found new condition with Killflash, Laser eye filter , Padded Camo pouch, Has a dual reticale for the 5.56 or 7.63 use. 735.00

M249 Short Para new and used Barrels 275.00 used or 325.00 new unused condition self adjusting new type gas system.

M249 Standard Barrel, complete very hard to find, used 300.00 or new 350.00

Also many various type 240L (Lima) and standard Barrels and parts accessories for the MAG-58 M240 available, rail optic top cover, select fire trigger group please call

828-773-1938 call text Direct ONLY GPrue8@aol.com 


Alpine Military Concepts

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