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Browning M2HB 50.Cal.Twin Rail scope mount QD levers & m2hb spare parts available


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Date: 1/4/16 17:52

I have a Rare twin Picattiny Rail scope mount with 3 QD Throw lever mounting , you can still use the iron sights but now with this you can mount any scope for long range precision shooting, and at the same time mount a large tactical light like the Hellfighter or a NV Aiming Laser system.

2 available both in excellent condition, ready to mount, Just open top cover 
and slide back onto rear and throw the 3 QD Levers.

175.00 plus 15.00 shipping

I also have a good stock of New M2HB Spare parts available. 
Spare parts survival kit for the M2HB, all new condition, 
Firing Pin, Extractor, recoil Spring, side Bolt pin, belt holding Pawls, 
100.00 shipped.

           Buffer hosing assembly new with internal spring group, New in package 200.00

           New in wrap recoil spring group 45.00

           Extractor, new in wrap   35.00

           Firing Pin new in wrap 25.00

           Front sight group complete 40.00

           Rear Cartridge guide assembly new in wrap 40.00

           rear sight group, no bracket, all other parts new 65.00

           I have all sorts of Build parts for the M2HB including many small parts, all in New condition.


Paypal or M.O. Check OK

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Do you have a pic of the twin rail mount ?  Glenn @ 972.771.9227. Thanks !

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