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Schmidt & Bender Demo Models Below Dealer Cost

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These are demo models received direct from S&B with the same US Warranty as new models. May show some signs of handling / mounting but are in perfect working order. Limited numbers, first come first serve. Price does not include shipping to you.

Payment by US Postal Service Money Orders ONLY.  email: or phone / text 385-200-1950  Be sure to remove the word REMOVE from the email address before sending.


Description   Model New Price Demo Price
5-45X56/TREMOR III CM/Mils CCW HIGH POWER BLACK Model - 666-911-532-G8-E8 $5,900.00 $4,220.00
5-45X56/P4F CM/Mils CCW HIGH POWER BLACK Model - 666-911-972-G8-E8 $5,400.00 $3,820.00
5-45X56/P4FMOA 1/4 CCW HIGH POWER BLACK Model - 666-911-982-H1-F1 $5,400.00 $3,820.00
3-20x50 PM II Ultra Short TreMor3 Reticle CM/Mils Model - 667-911-532-F1-E8 $4,200.00 $3,370.00
3-27X56/TREMOR III CM/Mils CCW HIGH POWER BLACK Model - 669-911-532-G6-A8 $5,300.00 $3,720.00
5-25X56/P4F CM/Mils CCW DT Model - 677-911-972-90-68 $3,200.00 $2,420.00
5-25X56/P4FMOA-2 1/4 CCW DT Model - 677-911-995-A8-A2 $3,200.00 $2,320.00
5-25X56/TREMOR II LIMITED EDITION PANTONE Model - 677-946-532-B2-A8B03 $3,975.00 $3,020.00
2.5-13X56/FD7 STRATOS Model - 751-811-708 $3,009.00 $2,320.00
1-8X24/FD7 EXOS Model - 780-811-708 $3,400.00 $2,370.00
5-20X50/P4F CM/Mils CCW BLACK NON ILL ULTRA SHORT Model - 873-911-962-F1-E8 $3,400.00 $2,520.00
5-20X50/TREMOR III CM/Mils CCW PANTONE FDE NON ILL ULTRA Short Model - 873-946-552-E2-E8 $3,800.00 $2,820.00
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