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  1. Deeply discounted pricing on the following scopes - Limited to stock on hand. New in the box with factory warranty. Price does not include shipping. Payment by USPS Money Orders only. These are not yet listed on my website. Call, text or email me for a quote to your address. Shipping by UPS at actual cost. No trades. Description / Model / List Price / Selling For BUSHNELL TACTICAL LRS 4.5-30X50 Mil Dot Reticle / Model BT4305 / $1,352.95 / $569.99 BUSHNELL TACTICAL LRS 5-15X40 Mil Dot Reticle / Model BT5154 / $657.95 / $315.99 BUSHNELL TACTICAL LRS 6-24X50 G2 Long Range Reticle / Model 6245FG / $1,422.95 / $579.99 BUSHNELL TACTICAL LRS 6-24X50 Illuminated Mil Dot Reticle / Model BT6245F / $1,461.95 / $549.99 Please use this message link to contact us, or you may email us directly by removing the *REMOVE* text including the two asterisks * from this email address: sales@*REMOVE*longrangesupply.com Phone for calls or texts 385-200-1950
  2. You have until March 8th to beat the price increases on some models that will go into place on March 9th. You must have the order in place and the deposit sent on or before 5 PM on March 8th.
  3. March Optics is having a price increase on several models as of March 9th. You can still get the pre-increase pricing if you place an order before that date. I am closing out my current order on Monday the 24th of Feb with an estimated ship date of March 20th to the 27th from Japan. If you get your order placed and the deposit arrives at my location no later than 8 PM Monday you can get your order on that shipment. The next one will be about a month after that - mid to the end of April. www.LongRangeSupply.com Direct link to the March scopes: https://www.longrangesupply.com/store4/index.php?route=product/category&path=26 Price includes shipping to lower 48. Contact me for Alaska and Hawaii. Please use this message link to contact us, or you may email us directly by removing the *REMOVE* text including the two asterisks * from this email address: sales@*REMOVE*longrangesupply.com Phone for calls or texts 385-200-1950 Below is some information on the new 5-42x56 Wide Angle High Master.
  4. It looks like I might be dropping the March distributorship for now. If you are interested in a 10-60x56 High Master with a 3/32 MOA Dot I can probably still get you one that would ship in early September. Contact me for details. The March scopes are no longer listed on my website other than the one below: I still have one model in stock here in Utah for immediate delivery: March 2.5-25x42 with the MTR-3 non lit reticle. Model D25V42N MTR-3 $1850 shipped. https://www.longrangesupply.com/store4/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=2438&search=MAR1010+D25V42M
  5. The problem with the verification system, as noted previously by Khrut27Gg, is definitely with $1,000.00 even money orders. I just tested it. Thanks to Tall Pine for catching that post in my thread, and figuring out a quick fix for it, and to Khrut27Gg for bringing it to our attention. I read Khrut27Gg's comment it when they posted it but it didn't sink in. I often pick up my mail well after the post office is closed. The phone verification error made it impossible to verify $1K money orders without having to go back to the post office another day. I gave up trying to cash them at the post office as they rarely have enough money on hand, so no need for smaller amounts for that reason, but if it is truly just the $1K even amount that is the problem child, this will be a fix that will make things a lot easier for me. Thanks everyone!
  6. They figured out how to check the MOs on their computers at the local post office and have instructions posted so any employee with access can check them for customers.
  7. Almost 6 months later - The toll free number to verify USPS Money Orders STILL does not work. The website verification page that hasn't worked for several years, also is still non functional. I used to be able to get the phone verification to work maybe 1 out of 10 tries, but this month I have yet to get a single phone verification done. My local post office is still unable to verify them in person. All they do is refer me to the non functioning phone verification system. I have called several other post offices in the area and they all say they have no idea how to verify them on their terminals. A call to the national USPS help line got me nothing.
  8. Still available. If you would rather have some other S&B model, contact me by email for special pricing.
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