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  1. I'm selling a 25mm Puteaux cannon to a friend, or at least I'm trying to anyway. For the third time on this transfer alone now , these dumb-asses have returned the Form 4, now saying now the caliber is wrong, it should be listed as a 37mm cannon!! This is total incompetence. Puteaux's were NEVER manufactured in 37mm, at least not the SA-LE Model of 37. WTF is wrong with these people? This idiot examiner saw the Model of 37, and not knowing her ass from 3rd base decided that meant'the gun was 37mm!! A simple check of their own frigging data base would show that the Puteaux SA-LE37 cannon is manufactured in 25mm....only! They claim they are trying to clean up the registry, really?? This is the 7th return of a Form 4 that used the nomenclature/info on their original form 4 the transfer was drawn from, only to say I listed the information incorrectly on the new Form 4. These people are total retards. R.L.