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  1. WTS: Savage 1907 & Ortgies Price(s): As noted Payment: Paypal plus the fee or Venmo Shipping: Actual Cost Contact: PM or email at (remove NOSPAM) Cross Posted Savage 1907 .32: This 1907 is a 1913 production gun and falls in the proper serial number range to be a 13th issue, 1st modification. Approximately 7400 pistols were made in this block representing roughly 3.5% of total production making this a rather scarce variant. I would rate the finish at approximately 85% with wear from regular use throughout. The grips are in excellent condition and are un-cracked. The bore is strong but does show some light frosting. This is a very nice representative example of a low production variant. Price: $450 Ortgies 7.65mm (32ACP) This is a very nice example of a mid production gun. The 180xxx sn places it well away from the end of production in 1924. The bottom of the frame bears the “Germany” export stamp indicating that it was most likely imported for sale on the US market. The finish is in excellent condition with only minor wear to some of the high edges and at the muzzle. The bore is bright and shiny with excellent lands and grooves. The grips show some minor pressure marks but nothing detracting. All together a very nice representation of a popular interwar pistol. Price: $450
  2. Very Nice Pre86 1928a1 Savage Thompson, Matching Upper and Lower Halves. In the Serial Range that has TommyGun on the Top. Great Condition, Mechanically Perfect . Ask For Any pics that you may want. Sales to FFL/SOTs only, Comes with 6 Stick Mags- 3 of the 30s and 3 of the 20s and One Drum. $18,000 shipped and insured. Now 17,000 Hardcase Also Included
  3. SPF: Auto Ordnance M1 Thompson Fully Transferable

    SPF Fully transferable in excellent to very good condition Auto Ordnance M1 Thompson marked Savage upper. This machine gun is in my inventory and is ready for immediate efiling which typically only takes a few days. Cost is $21,500. I believe this to be a WWII M1 thompson based on the S/N 247178 and research I did. The upper is marked with an "S" which indicates it was a Savage contract M1 Thompson. The lower is stamped 244486. The gun is in excellent to very good condition with some handling marks. I am not sure if the finish is original but it appears to be to be. Front foregrip had some play in it so I put a metal barrel band on. The rear sight has some free play in it which is common to every stamped rear sight Thompson I've encountered. These weapons were meant for full auto use in close quarters not precision shooting at distance. However, I wish to provide full disclosure so to my knowledge this with minor surface detractions pictured are the only thing that makes this gun less than perfect. It runs fully automatic flawlessly. Included are (4) USGI 30 round magazines two marked U.S.-30 cartridge cal .45 and two marked The Seymour Products Co, Seymour.Conn with a reproduction US sling IMG_6155 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6156 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6157 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6159 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6160 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6161 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6162 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6154 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6164 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6163 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6165 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6166 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6167 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6169 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6168 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6170 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6171 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6172 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6173 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6174 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6179 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6178 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6177 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6176 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6175 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6158 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6153 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6152 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6151 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6150 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6181 by Davy Keith, on Flickr
  4. We have for sale a fully transferable Savage-made Auto Ordnance M1 Thompson 45 ACP SMG manufactured in Bridgeport, CT. S/N: 139958 (receiver only). Trigger frame has no S/N. Both the receiver and trigger frame were manufactured by Savage as noted by the "S" stamp near the magwell on the receiver, the FJA stamp on the receiver, the encircled GEG acceptance stamps on both the receiver and the trigger frame, and the "FULL AUTO" being on two lines on the trigger frame. It has the beveled trap door on the stock indicating it is early production. It has the protected rear sight which first appeared on the Savage M1s in the high 137000 range. It has a floating firing pin and a non-riveted grip mount, also correct for the M1 models. We believe this to be manufactured in the late 1942 to early 1943 time frame. This Thompson is in excellent condition -- please see all the full resolution photos in the link below. It is clean and has been well cared for. Also included is one 50 round drum magazine and (17) 30 round stick magazines for a total of (18) magazines. I have test fired it with both the drum magazine and several of the stick magazines and it functions 100% with both. All but a couple of the stick magazines are Seymour. The gun has NOT been modified in any way to accept the drum mag. The drum mag was modified to work with the gun. 44 Full Resolution Pics Here $23,995 $23,500 $23,000 + $250 insured shipping to your dealer. Certified funds only. This SMG is owned by us and in our possession in our Little Rock, AR shop. We will submit an electronic form 3 when we have your payment and will ship as soon as the electronic form 3 is approved. Electronic forms 3 have been taking apx. 1-3 business days. Please email or call if you have questions. Firearms 4 Less, LLC - 07/02 FFL/SOT. 501-680-4867
  5. Form 4 in VA. If transferring out of state I will cover the first stamp Excellent condition M16A1, Model 611 Heavy Barrel w/factory M60 Bipod - $26,995 Not the first owner but I have never fired this rifle, it has been a safe queen the entire time I've owned it. It does not show any signs of wear. Cannot confirm "never" fired.
  6. Iconic "Commercial" Savage 1928 Thompson Machine gun. PD Marked "MPD" The Tom Davis Book has other examples as Pictured. William Douglas Firearms Museum states only 150 of this variation made. Serial 17738 ; low number since the last Colt was 15041. Commercially Finished Like the Colts and in many Cases with Colt parts. This one has a Colt "anchor" proofed Buttstock, Colt Fire Control Parts.There were six Savage 1928 and 1928a1 Variations and this is the first one and the rarest. It has the New York Address and Patent Numbers Just like the Colts.These Commercial Guns for the Most Part Did not See the Harsher Military Service of the 1928a1's Retains over 90% of the original Du Lite Finish. Both Upper and Lower Halves Matching Serial Numbers. This example is more rare than any of the 15,000 Colts.One 30 Round Magazine and 3 20 round pre war NY Mags , A great addition for the Advanced Collector. This is on a Form 3 And will be E-Filed for Immediate Transfer at $40,995!
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  8. I have 4 of these NOS Savage bolts. They are all blued. I'd like to sell them all in one lot. I'm asking $175 for the lot and I'll take care of the priority mail shipping. If you use PP goods, please add the 3%. Thank you.
  9. I am selling my transferable Savage M1 Thompson. The trigger frame was also built by Savage, but the serial number does not match. The rear sight retains a blued finish, but I can include a parkerized Lyman fixed sight (without ears) for the buyer, if desired. The USGI markings (FJA, Ordnance Wheel, GEG stamps, and proofmarks) are all visible. It has an M1 bolt and functions perfectly. It is on a Form 4 in Maine. Asking $18,750 for the gun and 2 magazines, shipped to your dealer. I can accept checks or money orders - will start the paperwork once funds clear. I am happy to send additional photos. Prospective buyers are welcome to inspect it in person. You can view my posts and feedback (which goes back over 10 years and is all positive) using the same username (NavyEngineer) on several shooting forums (I'd be happy to PM or e-mail you links to my feedback). I can be reached via PM or at Thanks for looking! Video with livefire: Full size photos of several of the images below can be viewed using this link:
  10. StormWerkz scope mount for the Savage Rascal . The Savage Rascal is an excellent rifle to train the younger set. With the StormWerkz mount and a red dot in place, the loading port is visible to the trainer and trainee making for a very safe environment. Using a red dot is much simpler to use than iron sights or rifle scope as it is easy to line up on the target and no parallax to deal with. The mount isCNC machined from aerospace aluminum bar-stock and comes with mounting screws. $30 Visit our website for this and other StormWerkz products Thanks for the board Buddy !! Savage Rascal Mount
  11. For your consideration, I have one NOS in grease wrap M1A1 Thompson SMG bolt. Savage mfg, still sealed in cosmoline. Perfect to keep your SMG running or to tuck away for a rainy day. $215 shipped to US First unconditional "I'll take it" posted in this thread gets it Prompt Paypal gft or + fees for payment No trades CROSSPOSTED Thank you for looking!!
  12. Savage Lewis Machine Gun .303 $22K This gun was amnesty registered in '68 by a local PD, then it was lent to a museum for many years. While on display, the gun had a chunk of steel wedged into the chamber and the bolt was removed. The barrel and bolt have been replaced and the gun is complete once more. Included are some pictures. I can provide more detailed ones as needed. This gun is in beautiful shape, runs well and comes with eight .303 cal, 47 round drums. I have some additional parts which are available to the buyer at additional cost. Feel free to contact me at 206-three hundred-2180, or spgtech at comcast dot net. Thanks for looking! Sean SPG Technologies, Seattle