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  1. Incomplete or parts okay, too. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  2. Please let me know what you have... Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email. Thanks, Nick
  3. Looking for the following parts for the German MG08 Maxim: 1.) Drain valve located at the front of the jacket at the 6-o'clock position. 2.) Steam hose connector located at the front of the jacket at about the 7-o'clock position. 3.) Lower feed arm located on the bottom of the feed block. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  4. German Maxim Firing Pin

    Looking for a firing pin for an 08/15 lock. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  5. Complete body/shell minus right plate. Also have accompanying matching number parts: top cover, recoil assembly, buttstock assembly, etc.
  6. Steel non-disintegrating belt for the 8mm Maxim. Similar to the aluminum Turkish belts but steel. Listing from IMA: No sales where prohibited.
  7. Relisted due to indecisive buyer... Included compression spring and fusee spring assembly. From a Chinese T24 Maxim, also fits MG08. Needs repair and TLC.
  8. German Gurtfuller 16 belt loader for the Maxim.
  9. T24 Maxim fusee cover. Needs repair and TLC.
  10. Silencerco Maxim 9 Now Available

    We just received our first batch of Silencerco Maxim 9 Integrally Suppressed pistols. These are available to form out immediately after purchase. Buy directly from our website and get free shipping and no additional fees for credit cards. Our initial supply of these is very limited $1499 Local CO residents we can take care of all the paperwork, fingerprints and photos in house call or email for details. JB Tactical LLC 720-459-2686
  11. I T E M is sold! ___________________________________________________________________ MAXIM M32 mg dual speed muzzle booster from late 1930's Good used condition and original Finnish MAXIM M32 machine gun accessory. Booster has two adjustable positions; "A" for normal 600ctg/min rate of fire and "K" for accelerated 850ctg/min. Total length 145mm and weight 0.6 kg, blued steel. Made in Finland by Tikkakoski Arms Factory (Letter T within triangle). Price for MAXIM M32 muzzle booster is 86.00 $ (free shipping)
  12. FOR SALE: Transferable Model 1910 Russian Maxim. There are not many of these in the registry and they don't come up for sale often. The Russian Maxim is arguably the pinnacle of water-cooled simplicity and reliability. Parts, ammo, and accessories are still plentiful for this model to include barrels, locks, belts, belt-loaders and 7.62x54r ammo. This particular 1910 was put together by the "Russian Maxim Master," Bob Naess of Black River Militaria. Bob built this 1910 utilizing a C&R MG08 side plate and pre-war (1938) Tula arsenal numbers-matching parts kit . This 1910 package consists of everything pictured (except ammo) to include a freshly redone Sokolov wheeled mount**, extra lock, steam fitting with hose, regular booster + "2-speed booster" (pictured) and wooden shipping crate. ** please note the 1910's versatility to fit other mounts / tripods to include the Vickers tripod and pretty much all of the Browning medium machine gun mounts to include the 1917a1 and M2 tripods. This 1910 Maxim is on Form 4 in TN. Price is SPF (funds up front) to include both 1st stamp and shipping PM if you're interested...references and proof of life happily provided.
  13. Nice condition (I never even unwrapped it) Maxim aluminum 250 round belt for MG08, MG08/15, etc. $SPF, shipped CONUS. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  14. Nice condition, clear glass, appears to function as it should. $SOLD Direct email ONLY: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  15. Reproduction wood spacer for the Russian 1910 or German Mg08 lock box. $10 each
  16. $110 shipped conus Direct Email ONLY: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  17. I see IMA sells pricey 25-rd belts, but was hoping to find some 50-rd "sets" cheaper. By set I mean the 5 belts that make up a 250 round belt with a lead belt with starter tab. Who sells PKM belts in lengths less than 250-rds? Thanks, Cincylance
  18. Want to buy PKM belt sections in 25 or 50 rd lengths. Email with details of what you have. Also interested in 100 rd belts. Thanks! Cincylance