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  1. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    i have a very nice pre dealer sample hkmp5sd I can be reached at Techarmament
  2. Can you send a couple of photos to msppa@aim,com Mike P Techarmament
  3. WTB: Post 86 Dealer Sample Machine Guns

    Mike at Techarmament: I have HKMP5N Post (LEO letter required). My email is I am interested in a sale $1700 or trade.
  4. WTB: Post 86 Dealer Sample Machine Guns

    I have HKMP5N post looking to trade for HK 91 OR 93 OF SIMILAR VALUE Techarmament 410-320-7320
  5. HK Machine Gun Trade In's

    I have an HKMP5N post sample which I would like to trade for "something" HK93 or 91. 410-320-7320 Techarmament