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  1. WTS: FN FAL and M-14 Parts Kits

    will take FALO part kits. PM incoming.
  2. Anyone know what the thread pitch is on a BAR M1918 at the muzzle end?
  3. WTS Steel Broadhead RDIAS 33.2K

    While I agree with you in theory about certain questions, I'd love to know why you think this one would be one of those. I'll refrain from posting anything more about why I think this is an extremely valid question in this particular instance, if you want to reply privately, I'd really appreciate your perspective.
  4. WTS Steel Broadhead RDIAS 33.2K

    I thought Broadhead only made theirs with aluminum bodies and steel tips? Can anyone (other than seller) please clarify?
  5. M2HB 50cal transferable machine gun

    sent you a pm a while back, still no response. check your messages Autogun if you are interested in making a sale.
  6. Has anyone ever heard of somebody buying another person's LLC, solely to purchase their NFA item(s)? As a quick way to attain ownership and thereby bypass the ATF approval process/tax stamp issuance. While not as attractive if the Form 4s start to get approved in a matter of a few weeks, it certainly is attractive when you are faced with a year long wait for a form 4 approval.
  7. Registered Bolt for Tec-9

    Aye, I hate Gunbroker for many reasons. The only reason they exist is because Ebay is antigun. And as a result, as you pointed out, they have a monopoly--and a monopoly is never a good thing for anyone except the monopoly.
  8. Registered Bolt for Tec-9

    yeah, nuts huh? especially seeing as I just saw one a few days ago that was $200 Buy Out for a brand new, unused one. http://www.gunbroker.com/item/614575572
  9. Registered Bolt for Tec-9

    The last original slanted vertical grip sold for over $600 on GB a little over a week ago with an enormous amount of activity/bidding.
  10. Registered Bolt for Tec-9

    Thanks, yes, I figured this out when I finally got my copy of how to convert the TEC9. It is a great read for anyone who ends up with a full auto Tec9, as it has the blue print/mechanic specs for the bolts. The bolt is drop in and go--it also converts the gun from closed to open bolt--without other changes, which surprised me.
  11. Anyone know much about the registered bolts for the TEC-9 series of guns (KG-9/KG-99/TEC-9/DC-9/AB-10)? B&G plus another company made them. I'm wondering specifically how they work. Does the bolt itself simply replace the semi-auto bolt, nothing else in the host needs to be changed out, making the host a full auto only closed bolt affair? Or does the host need to be altered in any way, and if so, what alterations? I've searched high and low about this to no avail, lots of TEC-9 registered receivers out there, but they are apparently less desirable due to cracking, and the registered bolt is apparently the most desirable, but almost no information about them. I suppose since B&G made the TEC-9 bolts, and they also made the UZI registered bolts, they probably work similar but I don't know how the UZI bolts work either. If somebody knows how those work, it would be enlightening--same question, with that registered bolt, what additional host alterations are necessary to get it working in an off-the-shelf semi-auto Vector (just as an example). Thanks!
  12. Before I go to the hassle & expense of ordering one from European supplier, I wanted to see if anyone has a 3 round burst pack for the Steyr AUG they no longer want. Even if you don't have the pack, and just have the "rear" guts I'll gladly take that as I'm looking to convert a transferrable sear pack so I just need everything from the hammer back I do not need the front sear nor even the plastic pack itself. The money it will cost me to ship from Europe quickly is way, way more than they are worth so I'm willing to pay handsomely for this used or new or guts.