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  1. Did you ever get that list? Would like to see anything W11 Nazi listed, guns, holsters etc. Offer to email a list broken up in categories to people and they can search their special interest. it will go a long way. Time consuming to check all over sites for areas of interest. I could look at a complete list and pick and chose areas I am willing to buy from without having to go to several forums.
  2. WTB- parts kit for building a Leinad derringer

    Dixie Gun Works 1412 W Reelfoot Ave, Union City, TN 38261 Phone: (731) 885-0561
  3. WTB - Suomi Drums

    I have 4 Soumi kits with original barrels and original cut receivers with 2 Soumi tube receivers with templetts to make semi I would sell or trade and they are the first to come out and super nice. No drums or mags.
  4. I would like to purchase a Steyr Model 1912 Holster for my Steyr M12 dated 1917 with Nazi Police proofed markings. I am also interested in a 1939 era holster for a PPK, a Nazi era J.P. Sauer holster, Mauser 1910, 1934 holsters and Mauser HSC, Astra 300 holsters. Thanks. drbr.1@comcast.net
  5. Want to sell a Colt WW11 Military/Commercial Mag. Properly marked. If you don'y know what this is then you most likely will not want it. $225.00 drbr.1@comcast.net Thanks EIEIO
  6. Want to buy plastic (bakelite) bottom finger grove floor plate for a PPK 1939 era magazine. Consider total Mag with brown/orange finger plastic floor plate. drbr.1@comcast.net EIEIO