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  1. SBS 14" Police Magnum 870

    Pm sent
  2. WTS: MAC 11s with MAX-31K uppers.

    Email sent
  3. Tripod still for sale?
  4. WTB - Suomi Drums

  5. WTB - Suomi Drums

    Looking for several drums. Let me know what you have. Thanks! Sv
  6. Looking for shooter grade mags, pouch, and a loading tool. Thanks! Sv
  7. Looking for Suomi 36 round mags, pouch, and a loader. Thanks! Sv
  8. WTB: Suomi drums

    Also looking for 36 round mags and a loader for those.
  9. Prefer local seller in Wisconsin or reputable dealer. Looking for a semi auto suomi rifle or pistol config. Thanks!
  10. Looking for several. Let me know what you may have.
  11. WTB M11/9 or M11a1 (haven't ruled out M16)

    I sent you a pm Mike. Thanks.