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  1. WTS MP-44. 35K

    Pm sent
  2. I have dealt with Russ no problems
  3. WTB Steyr aug US made 24” barrel

    There is one listed on gunbroker
  4. Morphy Auction

    Anyone going to the Morphy Auction
  5. Will trade for other class 3 items
  6. Here is a fully transferable Colt SP1 converted to full auto by Pheonix Armament. This gun is a registered receiver and available for immeadiate transfer on a form 3 in Florida. Features a 16" barrel fixed carry handle and full stock 1 30rd mag included Price is 29000.00 shipped
  7. WTB Robinson M96 parts

    Me too my friend
  8. An UZI was used by the Secret Service to protect President Ronald Regan ,i believe that qualifies as suitable
  9. How about the madsen tripod
  10. Anyone got this Galil in there inventory i have the original factory IWI box. be glad to send it to you you pay shipping.
  11. WTB 5.45x39 ammo

    There are several cases i believe coming up in the Higgenbotham Auction in Lakeland
  12. $7500 transferable mg?

    Might find a Riesing for that .
  13. WTK: Who does FN FNC repairs ?

    See if Curtis at S&H is still doing them
  14. I have done several Always sent a letter. Sometimes they send a stamped copy of the letter sometimes they dont!