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  1. Steyr AUG Pre May Sample

    Pre dealer Sample (keeper) Steyr AUG 5.56 machine gun Black stock and forearm 16" barrel A1 configuration with donut scope Selective trigger group with full auto or 3 shot burst. Comes with 1 30rd mag On a form 3 in Florida Price is 15000.00 plus s/h
  2. Couple items for you to consider pre samples 1919A4 Madsen LMG 30/06 with acces. FAL G3SG1 HK/Cetme 51 MG34 Steyr AUG semi items MM23e with extra Barrett M82a1 with Viper factory scope dsa rpd smg guns dp28 with rg46 conversion rdts hk21 marcolmar uk59 unfired semi m53/mg43 i also have a Shrike kit and a freedon ordnance fm9 kit as well as a lakeside machine 22 belt fed conversion. what do you like
  3. WTS/WTT Luger Double Date DWM

    Pics please
  4. WTS 30 Cal M1 Carbine

    Interested in all
  5. Done deal. Thanks Hal
  6. WTS 30 Cal M1 Carbine

    What about a package price
  7. Browning 1919 machinegun

    Pre sample or transferable
  8. Browning 1919 machinegun

    You selling or buying?
  9. WTB pre samples

    Got a HK GSG1 Madsen LMG 30-06 Steyr Aug MG34 Cetme/HK51 FAL Mauser 712 If interested
  10. Sold i will take it
  11. MP5K SBR by TPM New In Box

    Still available?
  12. MP5K SBR by TPM New In Box

    So did i . Never received a reply
  13. WTS: Assorted handguns

    Will take pp and colt