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  1. NEW FN M249S in box $8500.00

    Sold pending funds
  2. Just got in another New Unfired FN model M249S As the rumor is FN is not going to do these any more. Not part of the FN recall. Distributors are out of stock. Standard M249 configuration black finish. I do not plan on seeing any more. New with box and all paperwork. 02 Mfg can get a post sample conversion and have a great M249 machine gun. Price on this one is 8500.00 + s/h
  3. Just got this in New Unfired FN model M249S Not part of the FN recall Pictured still in box will assemble for display if needed. Most distributors are out of stock. Standard M249 configuration black finish. Price is 7999.00 will trade
  4. Transferable RPB MAC10 with SWD silencer

    8000.00 for the pair
  5. 20 US Military M1 Garands in 30/06 Most all of these guns were from the CMP at one time and may have certificates for some. There are some rack grade some field grade and probably some service grade. These guns come in a military wooden crate , same crate for the 91/30 nagants. 20 guns mostly Springfield and may be a few H&R. All 20 are packed in grease and wrapped in plastic. shipping responsibility of buyer Asking 25000.00
  6. HK 21 Michael's Machines Sear ready

    If it falls thru let me know!
  7. I have some East German 7.62x39 plastic core ammo available I found this stuff I had bought years ago. Comes in ten round blister packs Price per pack is 5.50 plus shipping
  8. Fully Transferable RPB MAC 10 9mm converted to take Uzi 9mm mags. Side cocking upper with rail and reflex sight Folding stock , foregrip Excellent condition and runs great Comes with case , mag loader, and 4 32rd Uzi mags. Also with this is a SWD M11 9mm sionics type silencer. The silencer is older but is in good shape. Both are on form 3 in Florida Efile available. Price is 8500.00 + sh
  9. 2 or 3 MG’s for one, step inside

    Got a Group Industries Transferable MP5 coming if interested
  10. For sale. Semi 1919a4 $2300

    Does it have the tripod ? Any pics
  11. FRENCH 25MM ANTI TANK GUN DD 11500.00

    Trying to move this piece for another project. 11500 with 50 conversion
  12. M2HB 50cal transferable machine gun

    The bottom line is it is still a fully transferable M2HB .
  13. M2HB 50cal transferable machine gun

    If you look at when the questions were asked it was over the Veterans day holiday. I answered and posted pics soon as I returned this morning. I have also requested the info from ATF from FOIA as someone requested. This gun is C&R eligible and I haven't seen a transferable for 15000.00 in over ten years. Its for sale if interested if not no biggie and thanks for looking.
  14. M2HB 50cal transferable machine gun

    Is that better! I have been in business over 30 years now No fraud and have plenty of references .