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  1. Madsen LMG 8mm Barrel

    Looking for a 8mm barrel and extension for a Madsen LMG. Let me know thanks
  2. WTS: Wilson Combat XTAC 1911 $2300

  3. WTS:Barrett M82A1 50BMG 20”

    Sold pending payment
  4. Excellent condition H&K model 33 or 93 22 conversion unit. This will work in full or semi auto and with a sear pack. Converts HK 223 to a 22LR caliber. Comes with Chamber conversion adapter , Bolt conversion and two mags as pictured in original wooden case! This is a factory HK product and very hard to find. A must for any HK collection. Price is 2000.00 shipped
  5. I have a excellent condition Barrett model M82A1 in stock. Gun comes in original hard case with one 10 rd mag. Features a 20 inch barrel. This gun was fired 5rds as a demo . price is $6900.00 plus shipping. might trade toward class three pre sample or transferable.
  6. Polish RGA86 26mm Gas/Flare launcher

    Will trade
  7. I have two Polish model RGA86 gas or flare launchers. This are in very good condition. And has the folding stock and 15 shot rotary drum. Can be shipped directly no FFL needed. Price is 1500.00 each plus s/h (50.00) No sales where prohibited
  8. FS: Lage Max 11/15 Upper Receiver (BRAND NEW)

    still available?
  9. WTS/GLOCK 19 Gen5 Pistol 9mm

  10. This appears to be a very complete parts kit for the Russian Maxim PM1910 machine gun. Mfg date 1944 As far as I can tell numbers match . Includes the original receiver pieces and tool kit. Parts as really nice and barrel is near mint. Nice kit for a Post sample or a semi build. More pics available. Price is 3500.00 plus s/h Will trade
  11. This is a used and ready to go HK21. This gun was done by Ohio Rapid Fire and reworked by RDTS. Runs great , this gun is sear ready and works well in full auto with MG42 belts. Has quick change barrel , Bipod, carry handle , fore grip , and comes in a hard case with 1 50rd belt and manual. SEF polymer lower again sear ready. Charging handle a little stiff but the gun works great. Price is 10K plus s/h Can deliver to a dealer at Knob Creek April shoot at no cost once paid.
  12. HK H&K USP 40 PD trades

    All sold
  13. Post Sample M3A1 Grease gun