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  1. Hi. For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to build a Ruger .22 pistol using a parts kits and home-made receiver tube/upper. Does anyone have recommendations for sources of the 80% (steel) receiver tubes? Thanks.
  2. WTB: 20” hbar chrome bore...

    Bbl, not complete rifle.
  3. Stripped or not, used or new. Thanks.
  4. HK 91 globe front sights?

    I feel like I saw a globe-type replacement front sight blade for HK rifles, but I can’t remember where I saw them. Rtg sells cross hair-type FSs, but not globe (aperture) FSs. Thanks.
  5. Wtb: Mg34 bolt head.

    Looking for a serviceable 34 bolt head. Also looking for other parts, except bolt carrier. Thanks.
  6. Hi. If one had a stripped 34 carrier, where might one find the parts to make a complete bcg? I emailed Allegheny, but no reply. Thanks.
  7. WTB: HK G36 rear stub

    Can show wear/use. The longer the better. Thanks.
  8. WTB: HK21 bipod head and ejector.
  9. Hi. I'm in search of a '28 rear sight base that's been around the block, pitted, bent, etc. Looking for a bargain. Thanks. Chris.
  10. I have an acog (ta01?) that went awol- s/n removed. Wind & elev knobs don't work. Is there a source for repair, other than Trijicon?
  11. I need a plain-jane lower for a plain-jane upper. Doesn't have to be pretty. Thanks.
  12. WTB: Mac 10 .45 bolt

    Looking for complete bolt assy. Thanks.
  13. This cocking tube has no handguard hanger, and because the front of the tube diameter is the right size to go into the fsb, it's not possible to install a HG hanger. As far as I can tell, it's OEM, and virgin. Wtf?
  14. USA-made AUG bbls.?

    Hi. Is any company going to make/making bare AUG bbls. to take advantage of the gas blocks that are coming in on the cut/destroyed AUG bbls.? Also, how does one remove the gas block from an AUG bbl.? Thanks.
  15. Steyr AUG 9mm conversion kit question

    I started a new thread to answer this question, but I thought I'd ask it here too. Will there be/are there "bare"AUG bbls. for sale, so that gas blocks from destroyed bbls. can be fitted to USA-made replacement bbls.? And is it even possible to pull the gas block off of an AUG bbl.? Thanks.
  16. Hi. I need an AUG bolt assembly- everything but the carrier. Also looking for SIG 55x series fcg. Shoot me prices, and we can go from there. Thanks.
  17. Non-oem UMP mag loaders?

    Has anyone made some affordable ones? Thanks. Chris.
  18. Looking for a lower-priced one in less than good condition, if such an animal exists. Thanks. Chris.
  19. Any quantity. Any condition. Thanks.
  20. Need complete fcg set. Thanks.