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  1. Not c&p. Looking for original “preban” 9x lower, empty or complete. Ejector type unimportant. Thanks.
  2. Forgot to mention, looking for empty housing, or complete.
  3. The longer, the better. Thanks.
  4. FtF xfer. I’m in Florence. I’m roys101 on gb. Thx
  5. Hi. I’m piecing together a 1918 type rear sight. I have the base and the ladder assy, so I need a leaf spring, and windage screw parts/knobs. My question is, can I use 1919-type (or?) rear sight parts to complete my BAR rear sight? I’m not concerned about the sight being “correct”, I just want it to be serviceable. Thanks!
  6. Face to Face trade exchange in Western Oregon or Western Washington. Bona Fides of both parties to be mutually verified. Thanks.
  7. Hi. For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to build a Ruger .22 pistol using a parts kits and home-made receiver tube/upper. Does anyone have recommendations for sources of the 80% (steel) receiver tubes? Thanks.
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