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  1. Is the metal stock hardware interchangeable between the MP18 and the MP28? I am talking about the front receiver hinge, rear receiver latch, triggerguard and buttplate. Thanks for the help.
  2. So I went to my local police department today and got 2 fingerprint cards to submit with my a Form 4. Is it going to be a problem with the ATF that they are Massachusetts State Police fingerprint cards and not official FD-258 cards? They look almost identical and have basically the same info. The officer said they are the same but I certainly don’t want to risk my Form 4 getting rejected or delayed. Has anyone else in Massachusetts filed aForm 4 with the Mass fingerprint cards? Thanks
  3. Looking to get the length and diameter of an original MP18,I recoil spring. Thanks
  4. WTB: MP18,I or MP40

    I’ve seen Mark’s restoration video... pretty impressive.
  5. WTB: MP18,I or MP40

    I’ve been looking to pick up a nice MP18,I for a while now and I’m hoping someone has one or know of one for sale. The auction sites are just not feasible between the 20+% buyers premiums and now the added state sales tax. I’m looking for one in nice collectible condition that uses the trommel snail drums. I’d also be interested in a nice original (not a tube gun) MP40 as a second option. Must be fully transferable and C&R eligible. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Eric
  6. WTB: MP18,I or MP40

    I was watching a number of those auctions and that one was heavily welded. I didn’t want to take the chance for the price.
  7. WTB: MP18,I or MP40

    I have been watching the various auction sites and saw that dewat but after the auction sights add their 20+% and the added 6% state sales tax the prices are just too high in my opinion which is why I'm hoping to find a private seller. Id rather give a personal seller the extra cash versus an auction house and the state. Ideally it would be great to find one that still has the set screw for removing the barrel and not one that had that welded over making the barrel impossible to change out. I really appreciate everyone's help so far. I guess patience is the key to finding a nice collectible MP18,I. Thanks
  8. I recently picked up a beautiful Rasheed carbine but the rear sight slider was broken (the leaf is fine). I’m hoping someone might have a spare available. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I'm not mistaken, the Hakim slider is identical. Thanks, Eric