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  1. WTB M11 Nine or M11 A1

    WTB M11 Nine or M11 A1 preferably with the larger mag well but will consider the smaller mag well.
  2. WTB M10/45

    Looking to buy a M10/45 on form 3 only. please PM any offers.
  3. WTB M11/9

    Want to buy M11/9. Have cash in hand and am very serious about buying. Located in the Columbus OH area but willing to buy out of state. TIA
  4. WTB Transferable MAC 10 45

    Still looking
  5. WTB Transferable MAC 10 45. Prefer to purchase in state on form 4 but if the deal is right I will purchase from out of state. Let me know whats out there! Thanks yall.