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  1. WTB: "Quality" Machine Guns, Funds Overnighted

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  2. IMI, Uzi, Pre-May, “Keeper” Excellent

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  3. Reising M50, SBPD, Excellent with Case

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  4. HK53K with Fleming Sear, Excellent, Dyer

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  5. AKS (AK47) 7.62x39mm, Folder, HTA, Excellent

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  6. Colt M16 Rifle, Excellent

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  7. 1919A4, Catco, 7.62mm, Tripod, Pintle & T&E

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  8. AR18, C&R, Armalite

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  9. Colt M16A1, Rifle, Original Colt

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  10. M10, 9mm, RPB/MAC, Excellent

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