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  1. @Rooster2412 thank you. I am well aware (dual vs mono). I have a night vision already (DTNVGs). Just looking for PVS 5 (working) as part of my collection. I collect old/retro/vintage military equipment. Mainly for nostalgia.
  2. @Rooster2412 I am looking to purchase a set. I have been to these websites, they only provide reference material. the pictures i used for reference come from specwargear.
  3. @Rooster2412 TNVC doesn’t sell “vintage” night vision googles
  4. WTB: AN/PVS Night Vison Googles Picture for reference Any leads/website that may have them appreciated Thank you Jim
  5. WTB M60e3/e4/e6 commando barrel. I have 2 M60e3/e4 barrels that are pretty worn and need a replacement. currently running a standard barrel on my M60e4. thank you
  6. I bought my MP40 C&R (matching) about 3yrs ago at 20k. It came with 3 mags and was missing the resting bar. thought I payed a little too high but saw others at 22k and up, at the time.
  7. WTB a Brownells/Nodak Retro A1 Upper Receiver with provision for the forward assist. Tear Drop Forward assist would be nice as well. Working on a Retro M16A1 the upper and 20' barrel are last remaining parts I need, as I have almost everything leftover from a XM16E1 and XM177e2 build I had completed a while back. Thank You
  8. Have you tried the Maglula for the MP5. I believe MIdwayUSA has them in stock. They work great. Maglula Mag Loader Unloader HK MP5 (midwayusa.com) Gun Mag Warehouse also has them in stock as well. Maglula HK MP5 SMG 9mm Lula Magazine Loader and Unloader (gunmagwarehouse.com)
  9. Second Account. Wasn't very active the first time around. The New Site looks great and is easier to navigate.
  10. Looking for M60 Cartridge/Feed Tray Rollers. Upgraded my M60 from standard configuration to e4 Specs and I am missing feed tray rollers. Thanks Jim
  11. WTB an M60 top cover assembly E3 or E4. I currently have a standard top cover assembly.
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