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  1. Potential Scam Accounts

    I just got solicited by: maderas1 Not sure if you got one to buy as i have for sale at $8000 shipped Will send pics if interested.. Selling due to cancer issues Procedure - 50% deposit while balance to be paid after shipped gunsbowlings@gmail.com
  2. WTS: 1985 M11/9 with Lage 11/15 form 3

    Form 3 is really appealing, and that was an upgrade I wanted to buy with the M11 anyway. Especially with e-file form 4 in the pipe. I'd take the whole bundle if you can DM me some additional pics of the lower. Has anything been rewelded at any point? Also, is that the LAGE with AR recoil system? Or the integrated one? Thanks
  3. WTS: 1985 M11/9 with Lage 11/15 form 3

    If this is still available, I'd be interested in buying the whole lot. Wasn't sure if your previous post meant you sold the M11 already or that you were willing to part it out at that price.