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  1. Do yourself and a private seller a favor and go to Ruben for your first MG purchase. There is nothing more exhausting then dealing with a first time MG buyer. Go to Ruben so you better understand the process and sleep at night. Keep in mind your buying a 150 dollar ghetto blaster. No matter the condition it can be sent to Sam at practical solutions to be reparked and look brand new which is what Ruben does. The m11/9 is the best first time mg and it’s a great choice. I always send mine to Sam while in NFA jail to have him go thru them. He will make the gun better then factory new and refinish it when done. Sam is the Mac master hands down. He will make sure the gun runs flawless before it leaves. There is nothing more aggravating then spending a bunch of money on a mg and waiting months to get it only to find out it won’t run. Sometimes those NIB guns are exactly that and the beat up macs run like a sewing machine. I’m speaking from hard learned experience here. So instead of paying a lawyer for some paperwork and not sleeping at night just call Ruben.
  2. The gun is an 85 and never been rewelded. It has the AR recoil system. Shoot me a text and I’ll send more pics
  3. Yes, this is still available. I’ve had some interest in the gun but no solid takers as of yet. I just made the post because I’ve had folks ask if I would sell just the gun.
  4. After multiple texts asking if I will separate the package. I will sell the M11/9 for $9200.
  5. 1985 Transferable M11/9 in good condition with a new Lage 11/15 ARM upper included. The gun is on a form 3 and ready to be e-filed to your dealer. $11,500 firm no trades. Buyer responsible for shipping. 321-501-8329
  6. Sold pending funds.
  7. Sold pending funds.
  8. Buy with confidence from komodoj. Trusted seller.
  9. Kel Tec sells a threaded barrel and you can just by a suppressor rated for 22 mag like a silencerco sparrow.
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