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  1. 1950s vintage leather bound kit for Detectives new old stock, never used 80 shipped
  2. decent surplus 20mm Vulcan barrel looks spray painted black, Okay bore shipping will be a bear on this though...$650, have to figure out shipping costs
  3. This is a neat project: Original RPB semi auto carbine complete lower assm in .45. RPB manufactured a sum total of 200 of these open bolt carbines in 1982. Fixed stock Have two uppers needing assembly. One is an early Powder Springs carbine upper in 9mm, slotted shroud, wood fore end somewhere, early bolt. The other is a later SWD .45 unit, later bolt Has the 9mm insert installed in the mag well, Lage grip, bunch of odd bits for this build yeah FFL transfer needless to say most bits are excellent to new, one upper receiver, a very early one needs a repark done, other is cherry 2K for the package deal. It's an open bolt factory carbine after all with two uppers
  4. The 15rd mags existed, might still have one in the mess The MacMan book misses things, early things, great read but hardly a last word on what they were turning out early on. Many goofy variations up into the RPB era Desantis rigs were offered in .45 and 9mm, thats why you had concealment mags...shoulder rigs and also normal belt holsters have a beater PS holster somewhere. yeah normal on the belt, nobody better tell me you ran a full mag with those, that's just full idiot old school Sionacs cans Main issue was the end wipe assembly, blue neoprene...shot out pretty fast. Initial discharges were quiet as all Fuk. It's glorified WWII tech in the late 70s some characters started doing Stirling style end caps, wipeless, selling free trade in SGN. Truth is a Sionacs unit is damn' effective. Ton of volume internally, the end cap just sucked dog balls due to the wipes so guys got into the lore they were not very effective. Truth was you blew out the wipes after a couple bursts thus evolved this myth of the inferior Sionacs can by the middle 90s. Some SOTs seriously pushed all this "repacking" cans, new wipeless endcaps, another issue was MACs had rather loose muzzle threads so wipeless endcaps were often larger than needed thus reducing their suppression, just liability issues. Started with just doing rebuilds, evolved into new streamlined smaller units and what was done was beneath your typical over the counter "solvent trap" of today old school...guys die cut replacement wipes. Well by the time the yuppie NFA Brigade moved in, well THATS UNLAWFUL, they will take my 928 Porsche Turbo or Audi LOL. By the late 90s the NFA community was already on knees, licking balls due mostly to urban professionals invading a new space old school was quite a bit different and I for one lament all that
  5. WTB Mp41 parts

    bad email
  6. I will take a number of 20s, some 30s and several 42s PM to follow
  7. uh' those are not the translucent smoke mags NG. in fact they are cerokoated "Arsenal Grey" run it through checkout " Arsenal Circle 10 5.56x45mm / 223 Rem 30 Round Magazine Cerakoted Arsenal Covert Gray " is what you come up with using your link, completely different magazines
  8. mint condition, never inserted 30 round smoke mags Lot of four...250 shipped try to find these today
  9. This one went through the war internally it's decent, exterior, well it was Vietnam. This is a hard cover flip book, these were sent over with SF advisors before we really engaged. Outer binding is faded from jungle carry but still solid, insides are damn' good and in any condition they are extremely RARE ! By the time we sent troops in, it was all disposable soft cover TMs and NO, it's not cheap...350 bones takes it, belongs in a museum price is brutal, try to source a combat one
  10. Ran across this, never used and was still on the packaging Can't recall the vendor but these were offered Years ago to folks who wanted to build up a 71 round STEN drum for their M11/9s with the STEN mag well great workmanship, dummy pusher rounds come with it. Tack welds up to a Soumi drum which I can also supply for reasonable with purchase $250 shipped priority mail want a decent drum with it, extra 40 bones
  11. real deal, 1973 date covers about everything the ComBlok was running gives operational data, some take down covering not just the USSR but the Eastern Block and China not all tore up or stained, scarce manual...70.00
  12. there is all sorts of myths about these things. I am offerring up a complete action with grip assembly these seem to be based on Ovideo frames, Bannermans was selling them up into the early 30s. Great workmanship, frames are pre 1899 so no FFL transfer 780.00
  13. Wonderful condition Pretty sure this one came off a Remington Model 10, been too many years...might have been a Model 17 as both were done in the Remington Custom Shop as AOWs comes with the rear attachment screw as well as the nicely blued recoil plate that goes behind the trigger group bought several of these from a retired County Officer in Wisconsin back in the 80s. Guns were never registered and ended up torn down, turn into bird guns with longer barrels and normal butts last one I have, I have owned it for close to 40 years...I mean heck, you think you will ever see another one loose in the wild? If someone wants to build a gangster era SBS this is pretty much the ultimate. Happy to send further pix, take measurements for interested parties. $550.00
  14. MAT-49

    I bought 3 or 4 of Buddy's magazines, misplaced them somewhere but would let them go when they turn up Another option is there is a thread on Weaponsguild regarding converting STEN mags to MAT49 specs