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  1. Could post for a local buyer, some people will buy a can especially for a discount especially with no dealer fees
  2. Virgin Wilson Sten Tube

    Thank you everyone for repies, definitely not a area I am knowledgeable about. The reason I asked was because the opinion on this seems to be somewhat gray at times. $10,000 is pushing it somewhat for me. John K is finishing up my Mendia M3 currently, want to get my knowledge extended for a possible project for the future.
  3. Which Thompson for 1st machine gun?

    There is a fairly nice police turn in for $19,000 on gunbroker right now ( not mine). Seems somewhat underpriced for what it is.
  4. Virgin Wilson Sten Tube

    Very tempted by the listing for the Wilson tube. What other options are there for a beside a Sten/Sterling, MP40 or a Lancaster? Would this compatible with a Swedish K parts kit?
  5. Been debating on letting go of my SGW RR due lack time/interest in shooting as of late. The prices seem to be a bit wild as of late with lots of highs and lows. Would 20,000 be to much ?
  6. WTB Hotchkiss Universal 9mm Parta Kit

    I can hope.
  7. WTB Hotchkiss Universal 9mm Parta Kit

    Definitely still looking
  8. WTB Owen Parts Set

    Preferability with a barrel and magazines
  9. WTB Hotchkiss Universal 9mm Parta Kit

    still looking
  10. Hotchkiss Universal 9mm SMG Parts Kit PM if you have one for sale.
  11. Looking for a unfinished sten tube