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  1. Anyone have recent experience with a Form 5 transfer times ( Estate to heir) paper ? Have a verbal deal on a underpriced Wilson Tube MP-40, and was just curious
  2. I asked about this when a bare sten went up for sale on the boards last year and he said he dose not do them anymore.
  3. That one sold for $9000. These seem to be in better shape.
  4. Gary did some work on my out spec Olympic and had it returned in a fast turnaround
  5. Possible Feedback for Chef. Easy and no fuss transaction for a parts purchase.
  6. Looking for a few Hotchkiss Universal Magazine(s)
  7. Ian from forgotten weapons has a SBR and there are several forums state they have approved form 1 SBR's with the appropriate denial features installed, full auto parts removed and modifications to the rebuilt receiver. Here is the link to the video
  8. 2 more part kits just went up , I guess people saw the premium these go for.
  9. Won a very clean Hotchkiss Universal 9mm Subgun Parts Kit and now I am looking for suggestions for any Gunsmiths that would build me a SBR? Any thoughts ?
  10. I have SGW lower in the 8000 range , it is a bit loose with a lwrc upper and the finish has a deep purple now. Otherwise it works just fine for a transferable lower.
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