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  1. Impeachment circus

    Well said R.L. If President Trump is impeached by the Democrats we all go down as well and it won't be pretty. These people have to be charged with sedition trying to overthrow a sitting President (elected by over 60 million people) who's charges are what the gangsters are guilty of. Not too far off target, to buy cigarettes one has to show ID. I want a national voter ID law to help stop this madness... In closing also, politicians need random drug testing. Alan
  2. I want to say thank you to all the veterans on Veterans Day. " I'm glad your here." Regards, Alan RVN 69-70 1st Air Cav
  3. 22 cal silencer Form 3

    I found the suppressor post I was looking for. Thank you. Alan
  4. NIB COLT AR 15 M4 HBPW 6920

    Sold Pending Funds
  5. 22 cal silencer Form 3

    I would like to get in contact with the person that had the ad for multiple silencers for sale on Form 3s. I went through a dozen pages and couldn't find the ad. Would that person or someone familiar with that ad please contact me. Thank you very much. Alan
  6. NIB COLT AR 15 M4 HBPW 6920

    PM sent. Thank you. Alan
  7. What If?

    An interesting article that elaborates more on the, What If? https://the burning platform.com/2019/09/07/dear-mr-security-agent-when-it-comes-to-gun-confiscation/
  8. "I'd rather hustle 24/7 rather than slave away 9 to 5."

    "God does not choose perfect men. He chooses men perfect for the job."
  10. H&R Reising M50 .45 ACP C&R

    "Stop trying to fix the police. Fix the ghetto." Sheriff Dave Clarke
  11. "How good or bad other people are is their own business. Focus on your own business instead."

    "Forgiveness means letting go of the hope for a better past."
  13. H&R Reising M50 .45 ACP C&R

    "Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body."
  14. "The best revenge is massive success." Frank Sinatra
  15. BP, Thank you very much. A personal check is fine. Alan Sold pending funds