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  1. Best First MG for Under 15k

    I would assume a 75 year old gun would be cantankerous at the best of times, add on a belt feed mech and it could be a real chore. Which is part of the reason it intrigues me so much lol. I have a good supply of new commercial FMJ 8mm that I bought for my SMG FG42 back before this current panic as well.
  2. Best First MG for Under 15k

    So I guess I should have prefaced the belt fed comment with the obligatory I own a half dozen semi only ones. Including a 1919 and M3 so I am covered in terms of spares, barrels, links, ammo, and tripods. I have a proper M3 tripod, an MG3 AA mount, and a buffered Israeli MAG-58 tripod. Only thing I don't really have on hand are dedicated linkers for each gun. Also I spend way more time tinkering with my toys than I do shooting, hence my preference for mechanically complicated but interesting operating mechanisms. Having the time and space to get one just right is a good part of the fun for me. I am sincerely leaning towards a transferable or pre-sample Uzi or possibly save up for the AR-15 suggestion, which is always a popular choice and I can keep one running forever. But the nagging sensation is telling me to snag up one of the MG34 pre-samples that seem to be available at the current time. Also is there a particular reason to avoid a MAC if the plan is to either buy it with or immediately purchase a Lage upper? Thank you all so much for your time and suggestions!
  3. Best First MG for Under 15k

    So I have been MG shopping lately and although I have shot a good amount of them I have never owned one. So if you had a budget of 15k what would you all consider the best first purchase? I am 01/SOT so I can jump into the pre-sample market as well. Really looking for a belt fed, but I am open to anything. Biggest thing I want is something that is fun to shoot, doesn't need to be mega reliable or the most ergonomic thing on the planet. If anything I enjoy keeping stuff running more than actually shooting. Curious to see what the opinions are!
  4. MG08/15 in the Attic

    Thank you for the advice, I have put him in contact with Bob and told him to listen very carefully to what he says as he is a trusted member of the community and like you said knows more about the NFA than the ATF.
  5. MG08/15 in the Attic

    So hypothetically say a Navy buddy of mine found a live MG08/15 in an attic in Houston and the buddy in question is confident no paperwork exists. Can he cut the right side plate apart without running afoul of the NFA? If he hypothetically were to torch the plate apart is there anything on the right plate he should take care to avoid from a parts kit standpoint? Anyone know anyone in Houston that could potentially help with destroying the plate and not the rest of the parts? Is he going to run afoul by attempting to destroy the right plate?
  6. WTS/WTT: Stemple 76/45 Transferable

    Is this compatible with the BRP offerings/parts?
  7. WTB: Vickers Left Side Plate

    Bought a kit a few days ago and it is missing the left side plate, looking to replace it with either an original or a reproduction. If anyone has one they would be willing to part with I would love the opportunity to take it off your hands. Or if anyone knows of a vendor that sells a replacement I would be interested. Thanks, Dustyn J