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  1. I have a rare LAR Grizzly in the desirable 45 Win Mag. It has a really rare factory hard chrome frame and hard chrome compensator. It come with one mag. It also has a low serial number in the very low 5000's. This thing is in incredible condition (best I've ever personally seen). I am asking $2250 plus shipping. I am also open to trades. LAR Grizzly LAR Grizzly LAR Grizzly LAR Grizzly LAR Grizzly LAR Grizzly
  2. I have a brand new Sig 553p Diopter Model. It comes with 1-30 round mag and 9-20 round mags as well as an uninstalled folding brace. Highly collectible and rare. I am looking for MR762, SR25, 300 win mag ar's; barrett m82a1 50 bmg; Desert Tech; other high end firearms. I am open on trades t just needs to catch my eye. I can email pics and will post later but its brand new in box. Value is $4000.00 and going up.
  3. I have around 10 mags and a folding brace as well. Probably around $4k
  4. I have an as new (likely unfired) FN FS2000 Gen 1 in box with tri rail nd original rail. I am asking $3000.00 or trade for AR10 in 6.5 Creedmor; 300 Win Mag; or possibly 308. Also 338 or 50 bmg. I may be open to other trades as well. I also have a brand new Sig 553 pistol that I can play with for the right rifle. High end stuff only!
  5. Selling an excellent condition HK P7 non-police trade. It has an IA date code and is in excellent condition. Comes with HK Black Canvas Case; original black grips; 2 magazines; manual; tools. It has the typical "purple-ish" colored slide. I am asking $2300 plus shipping.I am also open to trade. Main interest in in high end 1911 or Mark 23 Maritime but will listen to anything. Open to offers within reason. HK P7 HK P7 HK P7 Case
  6. If you know MP5 clones you know that this one is the best made! I have a brand new unfired Michaels Machine MM5 in 10MM Auto. If you know these you know that you wont find many in 10MM. Comes with 5 mags and folding brace. You can spend significantly more and wait or get this brand new now. This gun would cost almost $1000.00 more to have it made however from what I understand it couldn't be done as there are no longer any 10MM flats available. All HK internals and MM 10MM barrel. If you are into MP5 clones, you will not beat this for quality and good luck finding another in 10MM. Shipping is going to be $100.00 via USPS Priority Insured. The reason for the extra high costs is the insurance. I will happily ship for less if you want to take the risk and not insure. I am open to trades as well. $4500.00. I am looking to get into long range precision so I am looking for a bolt set-up that is equivalent in value to my asking price. Id love a Desert Tech but open to Barrett MRAD; AI; or other high end rigs. MM5 MM5 MM5 MM5 MM5 MM5 MM5
  7. I have an excellent condition IMI Action Arms Galil Hadar II. Comes with one mag and Hadar II box (enroute from parents house so not in pics). I have lowered the price substantially to $1300.00 plus shipping. You wont find one lower priced. Hadar II Hadar II Hadar II Hadar II Hadar II Hadar II
  8. HK Mark 23 Collector Package

    It says Sterling VA on the bottom next to the serial number.
  9. This is a rare HADAR II ban-era Galil 308. It comes as shown with one mag. It is in excellent condition. See Pics. I am looking for $1800 plus shipping.
  10. This is an Armalite 180 Costa Mesa Sterling with the original Armalite sight. It is in incredible condition as seen in pics. I am looking for $2000. Shipping is via USPS priority mail insured for $50.00 I may be open to trades.
  11. This is a brand new unfired Vector RPD 7.62X39 Belt Fed. I have 5 drums and belts that go with it. If you know RPD's this was really considered the best of the clones. They are very hard to find especially brand new. I am asking $2800.00. I may trade.
  12. So heres the deal with this. This is a J&R Engineering M68 Pistol. The J&R Engineering M68 is the pre-Wilkinson Linda pistol and Ray Wilkinson was a partner in J&R Engineering prior to starting Wilkinson Arms. Although the carbines are rare enough, the pistol is almost non-existent. I consulted Wilkinson Arms, sent them numerous pics and it is believed that Ray Wilkinson may have made this for himself. The first question was whether or not someone converted this from a carbine to a pistol. Inspection of the sling mount and barrel indicates that it was either made in the factory or someone who really, really knew what they were doing did the conversion as the barrel work and stepping for the cone is done perfectly. It is not believed that anyone would have taken the time or expense, to do this perfect to what the factory would have done. This is a rare find. I am asking $1000.00 for it plus shipping. If you are a collector of rare pre-ban firearms you should check this out. Open to trades. JR M68 JR M68 JR M68 JR M68
  13. I have a very rare (Only 1 of 8) Olympics Arms OA-93 7.62X39 Prototypes. It comes in original box with everything it came with including 3 factory converted mags and a Certificate of Authenticity. I am asking $4500 cash but open to trades and offers as well . The last one I could find that sold as a complete gun was $5000 and that was several years ago. OA931 OA932 OA933 OA934 OA935 OA936